6 reasons to host your publication on FlippingBook Cloud

FlippingBook Publisher software allows you to host your publications either on FlippingBook Cloud or on your own server. If you are looking to host with us, here’s how FlippingBook Cloud can help you:

  1. Effortless publishing

    Putting your publication online takes several minutes, and you don’t need to set up servers or look for third-party hosting for it. Once it’s online, you get a direct link to the flippingbook that you can immediately share with the audience.
    A great solution if you need to publish and update your documents pretty often and want to avoid fiddling with server settings, lengthy authorization process and coming up with the URLs for the documents.

  2. Automatic updates for compatibility with new technologies

    We closely watch over the changes and updates in the world of browsers and mobile devices. So once a new iPhone or a Chrome version comes out, we automatically update all your publications hosted on Cloud and make sure they stay compatible and look good. No need to re-upload anything manually.

  3. Back-up available

    All your flipbooks are safe and sound on the Cloud. Even if your computer crashes or an employee in charge of FlippingBook leaves, you can re-install FlippingBook Publisher and get access to all the current online publications. No need to re-publish anything and all the links stay the same.

  4. Wordpress Embedding

    Wordpress is a great environment for quickly developing a professional-looking website. However, since Wordpress is a hosted environment, it is not possible to upload your flipbooks to Wordpress. But with our Wordpress plugin, it becomes a child’s play to embed your flipbooks into your WordPress site. Your FlippingBook appears like it’s a native part of your page, providing a seamless experience for your viewers and subscribers.

  5. Customizable domain name

    Standard links to your publications on FlippingBook Cloud look something like this: https://user-BFzY3Fl.cld.bz, which is okay if you plan to embed the publication into your website and not share it directly. But if you need professional appearance, you can easily customize the link to something like https://yourcompany.cld.bz

  6. Bookshelves

    You can create collections of flipbooks that have a common subject or intended audience. The complete collection can be easily shared with your audience to give them instant access to everything that interests them.

Note!FlippingBook Cloud works only while you use our service Support and Updates, or Support, Updates and Unlimited Cloud. When your service period expires, the publications that are already uploaded will stop working within 14 days. If you renew these services, your flipbooks will go online again.

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