How can I manage my FlippingBook Online subscription?

FlippingBook Online software is available on a subscription basis. When you sign up for a subscription, you can choose your FlippingBook Online plan, billing type (monthly or yearly payments), and payment method. Your subscription renews automatically until you cancel it. You can change your subscription package at any time. 

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View your subscription details

To see your subscription details, open the Subscription page in your online account. If you do not have an account yet, feel free to start a free trial.

On the subscription page, you can see your current subscription plan, billing type, next billing date, and subscription status.

If your subscription status is Active, the subscription will renew automatically on the next billing date.

If automatic payment for your subscription fails, your subscription status will be On Hold. In this case, you can check your payment method and update your payment method if needed. There is a 14 days grace period while your flipbooks stay available. If the payment is successful within these 14 days, the subscription resumes as normal. Your next billing date remains the same. 

If we do not receive the payment within 14 days, your subscription status changes to Expired. Your flipbooks will no longer be available for viewing. Flipbooks are stored for 180 days after a subscription has expired. Flipbooks become available with the same URLs when you resume your subscription.



View your invoices

After the payment is processed, your invoice is available in your online account.

Here is how you can view your invoices:

  1. Open the Subscription page in your online account
  2. Choose View billing history.
  3. In the pop-up window, the first row contains the name of your subscription. Below that row, you'll find all the invoices that are made as part of that subscription. Click View Invoice to see your invoice.

Note! If you need to get an invoice before the payment, choose Purchase Order as your payment method. Please note that the Purchase Order payment option is only available for yearly billing.


Change your FlippingBook Online plan

You can find information about FlippingBook Online plans on the pricing page. You can compare features for the plans if you scroll the pricing page down.

If you would like to upgrade your package to a higher plan, you can do it as follows:

  1. Open the Subscription page in your online account
  2. Below your subscription details, you will see the plans, which are higher than your current plan. Choose the plan you are interested in and press the Upgrade button:
  3. In the pop-up window, you will see the price for the upgrade. The price will be prorated for the current period based on the difference in price between your current plan and the higher plan, and the remaining time for the paid period. You will also see the price for the following billing cycles. To proceed, press the Upgrade button.

If you would like to downgrade your package to a lower plan, please contact us, and we will help you.

Note! It’s only possible to downgrade to a lower plan if the number of flipbooks in your account does not exceed the limit for the lower plan. You can check the limit for the number of flipbooks on the pricing page. If you switch to a lower plan, any features that are only available in the higher plan will be removed/disabled for all flipbooks - existing and new.



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