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Need to share a PDF? We’ve got you. Upload your PDF to our online PDF sharing platform, and share it any way you want: as a direct link or as a neat embed on your website.


How to share a PDF online

All it takes to share PDF files via FlippingBook is four simple steps.


Upload your PDF online via FlippingBook to share it. Our software will convert your document into a shareable HTML5 flipbook in 1-2 minutes.


Now you have a neat digital flipbook on your hands. But before you share it, you can customize it. Give it a unique look and feel with our design and branding tools.


Add some interactivity, too! Insert page-to-page and outbound links, videos, GIFs, pictures, and pop-ups to make your document even more eye-catching.


When your flipbook is ready, you can finally share it. And we have so many ways to do so: direct links, trackable links, embedding, QR codes, and more!

So many ways to share

Choose the ones that work for you—or use them all!

Send PDF as a direct link

Direct links are an easy way to share PDFs online. All you have to do is to copy the link to your online flipbook, send it via email or messenger to a client, and they will be able to open it right away—no heavy attachments, no downloading.

Display a PDF to your website

Want to share your PDF on a website in an engaging way? With FlippingBook, you’ll get a simple code you can embed into your page or intranet. Your visitors and colleagues can flip through your annual report or e-catalog without leaving the page, thus getting a truly seamless viewing experience.

More about embedding

Send a PDF via email

Trying to email a PDF over 20MB is a nightmare. But with our PDF sharing platform, you can forget about it for good. Just upload your PDF online to share it as a flipbook, and paste the link to the document into the email. You can add a colorful preview, too—it’ll immediately draw attention to your proposal or brochure.

Send a PDF via email Send a PDF via email

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Go beyond sharing

With the flipbooks you create via FlippingBook, sharing is just the beginning.

Boost SEO

Boost SEO

Make your flipbook rank high in search engines.
Watch video

Analyze stats

Analyze stats

Watch and analyze statistics to evaluate how your content performs.

Collect leads

Collect leads

Collect leads right from the pages of your flipbook with a lead capture form.

Track links

Track links

Follow your lead’s personal activity with your flipbook via a trackable link.

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Benefits of PDF sharing via FlippingBook

Because FlippingBook is so much more than a PDF sharing solution.

Secure sharing

When sharing a PDF with FlippingBook, you can be sure that your documents are well-protected from unwanted access even when you upload them online. Gate your flipbook with a lead form. Control sharing, printing, and downloading options, share as a protected embed, and hide it from Google. If the content you share is really sensitive and requires utmost security, enable password protection.


Quick updates

Found a typo? Need to add an item or take one out? With FlippingBook, you can update your flipbook in a click without having to resend it over and over again. When you update the PDF in your account, everyone with the link to your flipbook can see the new version immediately while the link itself stays the same!

Share specific pages and selected text

You can share not only your document but a particular page you want your client to see or even selected text! Be it an item in the catalog they asked you about or a clause you want them to pay attention to, you can share this specific page or this specific paragraph via a link with FlippingBook.

Professional viewing experience

Your PDFs have never looked better than when converted into beautiful glossy online flipbooks with a smooth realistic page-turn effect. Whether you insert your PDF into your website or share it as a link, your readers will see that you mean business just by the looks of it.

Mobile-friendly format Mobile-friendly format

Mobile-friendly format

It absolutely doesn’t matter what screen or device your client uses to look at the PDF you share. Be it a personal computer or a smartphone, you can be sure they are getting the best visual experience with your online flipbooks.

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