How to buy FlippingBook products from India?

Unfortunately, we see that most subscription related payments from clients in India fail. Our payment processor, Cleverbridge, is a German company without a legal entity in India. This means that they cannot process authentication requests as mandated by the RBI for products with automatic renewal. Most FlippingBook products come with automatic renewal by default. If you try to pay such orders by credit card or PayPal Billing Agreement, then most likely the payment will be declined.

We can help you buy a FlippingBook Online license as follows:

  • We can send you a payment link for a license for a full year without automatic renewal. For FlippingBook Online Lite, Starter, or Optimal, we can only accept payments for a full year.
  • For FlippingBook Online Advanced, Team, or Enterprise, we can also send a payment link for a license for 3 months. If you want to renew after that, we can make a new link.
  • If you are trying to buy a license with annual billing, you can change the payment option to Wire Transfer (to make a bank transfer) or PayPal without billing agreement. 

Please contact our Customer support team for assistance!​

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