What payment methods do you support? 

Your payments are processed by our eCommerce partner, Cleverbridge (they are the formal Merchant of record). For monthly subscriptions, we only support credit cards. 

If you buy a yearly subscription, then we support these payment options:

  • Credit card
  • ACH Credit
  • Wire transfer (a.k.a. bank payment/ SEPA payment). If you choose this option, you will receive an order confirmation and payment instructions.  Your license will become available after we have received the bank payment.
  • PayPal
  • Purchase order

Depending on your country, we also support several regional payment methods like BACS Direct Debit in the UK and iDeal in the Netherlands. Most notably, US clients can pay by check for yearly subscriptions. Note that we do NOT recommend checks and advice you to use ACH transfer instead. Checks take a long time to process. We regularly see that purchases are automatically canceled because it took too long for the check to be cleared! If you have no other option than paying by check, please

  • select Check/Money order as the payment type;
  • send a check to our payment processor, Cleverbridge. Important:

Can I receive an invoice before making a payment?

If you buy a plan with yearly billing, it is possible to receive an invoice before making the payment. To do this, please 

  1. Click the Buy Now button for the plan you want to buy on https://flippingbook.com/order-online  
  2. Fill out your company details and select Purchase Order as the payment method when making your purchase. For the email address, use the email address of the end user to whom the license will be assigned! Optionally, enter your internal PO number.
  3. Press the Next button. 
  4. Review your data and confirm that
    1. you agree with the Terms and conditions and that
    2. you understand that you are setting up a subscription with recurring billing.
  5. Press Buy now. You will see instructions for your purchase order. Our payment partner Cleverbridge will also send these instructions to your email address. You will also get your Cleverbridge reference number with the instructions. 
    After you receive instructions from Cleverbridge, (ask your purchasing/financial department to) raise a purchase order and send it to Cleverbridge by email (or fax/regular mail).
  6. When Cleverbridge receives your correct purchase order, they will send your invoice and the actual payment instructions to your email address. From this moment your license is fully available to you.
  7. You can now complete the payment in your regular billing/AP cycle by wire transfer or check. ​
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