FlippingBook for Teams

With FlippingBook, it’s easy for teams to collaborate: create flipbooks in a private workspace, use private or shared folders, integrate other tools for smoother workflows.

What makes FlippingBook a great tool for teams?

  • A private workspace for each team member to create flipbooks
  • Private and shared folders for easy collaboration
  • Multiple domains for your projects and teams
  • Easy management: invite or remove team members in a click, give them access to folders and domains
  • As many team members as you need (add them as your team grows)
  • Personal email notifications about your audience’s interactions with your content
  • Powerful features to customize and protect your flipbooks available to your whole team
  • SSO (single sign-on) support for effortless and secure authorization
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Private space for each team member

Create flipbooks comfortably without worrying about your peers looking in at your work. You can give your documents the best look imaginable with your branding and design, engaging videos and images, outbound links—and then share your masterpiece with both leads and teammates.

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Shared folders for stronger teamwork

Create different shared folders for each team or project. Everyone across your team will be able to contribute quality content to the folder, so you all will have engaging flipbooks at your disposal for successful sales or powerful marketing.

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Personal notifications in each member’s inbox

Take a flipbook from your own folder or a shared one and make the link to it trackable. Send the link to a lead and learn when they open your document—you’ll get an email notification the moment they do! Each team member will receive notifications about such trackable individual links in their inbox, so there’s no confusion which one of your teammates should send that follow-up.

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Multiple custom domains for your projects

Multiple custom domains for your projects

Your flipbooks are available to clients as direct links—and custom domains allow you to customize those links. Set up several custom domains for each of your projects or each team with your company’s name in the link. Why not have separate domains for your sales and marketing teams? Or distinguish between catalogs, brochures, and newsletters? Choose what will work best for you and your team!

Collaborate & integrate

FlippingBook is a flexible tool with multiple features already built-in for your convenience: from a lead capture form and design options to thorough stats native to the product. But FlippingBook’s flexibility goes beyond all that: you can integrate it with any other tool using Zapier.

Wait, what’s Zapier?

It’s an app that lets you connect multiple tools for smooth workflows instead of doing it all manually. Automating the jobs you do on the daily is vital for teams because it saves time and man-hours in just a few clicks.

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What apps can you integrate with FlippingBook via Zapier?

Whichever ones you choose—and more than one at a time! Here’s a few examples:

  • Drop your PDFs into a folder in DropBox or your Google Drive and let FlippingBook extract and convert them automatically
  • Why not drop notifications in Slack once each flipbook is ready? Notify your work channels, so each team member can start customizing their flipbook
  • Collect leads in FlippingBook and have them forwarded to your CRM, like SalesForce, Constant Contact, or any other
  • Get those leads’ email addresses and send them welcome emails. Personalize each letter with the first name of your lead that you captured via FlippingBook

There’s so much more you can do! Make it easy for your team to work with your content using smart integrations.

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Effortless management, no matter the size of your team

Managing a team account isn’t hard when everything is aimed to make your life simpler. Enjoy the ease of management with FlippingBook.

Bring your existing flipbooks

Bring your existing flipbooks

If you started with a personal account and then decided to move to Team, your flipbooks will be there in your workspace! Simply drop the necessary flipbooks into a shared folder for everyone to access. And if your teammates had their own flipbooks before joining you, they’ll still be there in their account!

Expand as your team grows

Expand as your team grows

There’s no limit to the number of team members you can have in your account. And there’s no pressure either: you can start with just a few users and invite new ones—and pay for them—as you grow, meaning you’ll only pay for the workspaces you actually require. Adding new members is easy, too, with one-click invites and SSO support.

Handle just one invoice for the entire team

Handle just one invoice for the entire team

Who needs extra paperwork, right? You manage one big team, so it’s only natural to have one invoice. No matter how many users have joined your account or how many custom domains your team has, all the billing details are neatly stored together in your managing account. So your team doesn’t have to worry about a thing!

Help your team empower their content with these features

FlippingBook’s Team plan gives your colleagues access to a variety of premium features to create, share, and track their flipbooks.

Custom branding

Decorate your flipbook with a company logo leading to your site as well as a custom background and favicon. You can save those settings as default to make sure every document carries your branding.

Lead generation

Gather leads right within your content with a built-in lead capture form. Collect any data you want: from your lead’s email address to their company name. And then follow up with the right details at hand.

Embedded videos

Engage your audience by offering them a different content type inside your flipbook—add videos anywhere on the page. It can be tutorials, product overviews, marketing shoutouts, and more.

Content analytics

Learn how each flipbook performs with FlippingBook’s stats. Analyze the number of views and visitors, the most engaging pages, outbound clicks, devices, geolocation, and more in real time.

External links

Insert links to relevant sources across the pages of your flipbook, e.g. link back to your site or privacy policy. It’s also a good idea to add links from one page of your flipbook to another.

Images and pop-ups

Have a large team and someone forgot to add or replace an image? No worries—you can insert any image within FlippingBook or even turn plain pictures into interactive pop-ups and pop-up galleries.
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  • Do I need PDFs to work with FlippingBook? How can I create one?

    Yes, you’ll need a PDF to convert it into a flipbook. But don’t worry, making one is really simple! For example, you can use Canva, a simple design tool, to create a PDF from scratch. We’ve prepared a few free templates to help you get started. Once your PSD is ready, connect Canva with FlippingBook to send your PDF straight to our tool and convert it into a flipbook.

    Need more options? Find more great tools in our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-designers.

  • How many users can I add to my team account?

    As many as you need. The Team plan comes with five users by default; but you can add more team members later if needed or сontact us if you want to have fewer users from the start.

  • Can I add more users to any plan of FlippingBook Online?

    No. Teamwork is only available in our Team and Enterprise plans. If you’re using a lower plan, you’ll have to upgrade. Contact us if you need help.

  • Do you support SSO (single sign-on)?

    Yes, SSO is available on request for all the users of the Enterprise plan. You can use such SAML SSO providers as Otka, Azure, or OneLogin. If you need more info—contact us, we’ll be more than happy to help.

  • I already have a subscription to FlippingBook Online, but don’t have access to teamwork. How can I get it?

    It’s easy. If you’re subscribed to our Starter, Optimal, or Advanced plan, you can always upgrade to Team or Enterprise plans. Contact us if you need help with that.

  • How many custom domains can my team use?

    With the Team plan, you get one custom domain for your flipbooks, but you can always request more. And the Enterprise plan lets you create multiple custom domains for each team and project—start with the default three domains and add more when the need arises.

  • How many shared folders can I create?

    There’s no limit to the number of private or shared folders in your account. Create as many as necessary!

  • How many flipbooks can my team and I create?

    The Team plan gives you 1,000 flipbooks across the entire team. You can always get more flipbooks if needed with our Enterprise plan.

  • What features will be available to my team?

    All of our premium features are available in the Team plan. Every team member has access to the same cool features for creating, sharing, and tracking their flipbooks.

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