What to do if your payment failed?

If you pay for your FlippingBook Online account by credit card, then it is possible that our attempt to charge the card fails. Perhaps there were insufficient funds on the card, perhaps it has expired, or maybe you have lost the card that we have on file. 

When the payment fails, your FlippingBooks don’t immediately go offline. We put your subscription On Hold for a 14 days grace period. Over the next 14 days, we will make several attempts to charge your card again. We will also reach out to you to inform you that the charge failed.

If you notice that your subscription is On Hold, and want us to charge your card right away (e.g. because there were insufficient funds and you now replenished the card) then that is possible:

  • Go to the Subscription section of your Online account  
  • Click on Update your payment method link.
  • Confirm your card details, enter your security code, and press Next.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes for the attempt to be processed.

Strong Customer Authentication 

For some credit card transactions, you may be asked to provide additional authentication. Your bank decides the exact criteria (i.e. to which transactions it applies) and mechanisms (how to exactly authenticate). The most common mechanism is that you will be asked to confirm the payment on your smartphone or enter a code sent to you by SMS or a push notification that you need to acknowledge. 

If your renewal is subject to additional confirmation, you will receive an email from our payment partner, Cleverbridge. Press the Confirm payment button in the email. The rest of the process depends on your bank. 

If there are any problems with this process, then we advise you to:

  • Wait for 30 minutes and try again.
  • If that doesn't help, change the payment method from credit card to ACH or Wire transfer. Then change it back to credit card.
  • If that still doesn't help, contact us. We will cancel the order and create a new one. 
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