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FlippingBook makes link branding easy! Your HTML5 flipbooks with custom URLs will help you raise brand awareness, boost SEO, and easily earn customer trust.

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Why custom domain?

White-label your documents

Make sure it’s your name clients will see in a publication link—and yours only. With our Custom Domain feature, you have full control over your content presentation by removing all mentions of FlippingBook.

Complete your branding

If you already brand your flipbooks via a logo and favicon, don’t stop halfway—go for complete brand integrity by switching to custom URLs. This way, even the links to your publications represent your brand.

Multiple custom domains

If one custom domain doesn’t cover it for you, you can get multiple branded URLs for your digital flipbooks. That way, you will be able to create several custom domains for different purposes.


Different use cases

Separate your marketing publications from sales collateral or internal digital documentation with distinct custom domains.


Different brands

If your business has several brands, you’d definitely want to give each one their own personality and, with that, a custom URL.


Different clients

The ability to create several custom domains under one account is perfect for agencies that provide digital services for multiple clients.


Different teams

Compartmentalize teamwork—give each of your team members access only to those custom domains they need for their projects.

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Custom domain example

Check out these flipbooks examples with branded links and get inspired to get one (or more) for your online documents! Our custom domains are easy to set up.

Branded domains as a marketing tool

A custom domain is a tool that, first and foremost, serves to support your content by driving traffic to it. The way it works is pretty simple.

Easy to identify

No matter how people find a link to your publication first—stumbling upon it on social media or simply Googling your brand name—thanks to a custom URL they will be able to instantly recognize it as an extension of your brand.

Easy to trust

Recognition means trust. Which is all the more crucial when clients or leads get a link directly from you. They will be less likely to worry about being spammed and more likely to click right away if they see a familiar name in the shared link.

Higher CTR

As people readily click on the branded link they found via search engines or got by email from you, your click-through rates grow. In fact, it’s proved that branded links increase CTR by up to 34% thus driving more traffic to your website.


SEO boost

It’s not just your leads and customers—search engines love custom domains, too. Watch video

Search engine reputation management

Search engine reputation management (SERM) is all about monitoring and controlling the overall picture of how your website is perceived by search engines. Branded domains have more respectability and therefore help you influence the SERM of your brand.

Views & clicks

A custom domain looks more respectable and trustworthy—hence, people are more likely to click the link and spend time reading your flipbook. More clicks and views, in turn, tell search engines that the content is relevant, so they’ll rank the link higher.

Brand boost

As your flipbooks with a custom domain gain more views and rank higher in search engines, your brand name is seen by more people and so your brand gets a boost. And the more your brand is seen and mentioned online, the more readily search engines are going to rank your links.

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