FlippingBook Publisher Skin Editor allows you to set and customize the skins (or in other words the themes) of your publications. It is now possible not only to change the skin color or corner radius, but also to set up the look (appearance) of the text fields and the bottom menu. As a result, you will be able to create original and stylish publications which would match with your website’s design perfectly.

All of the skin’s objects are structured in a tree view, just like the files structure in Windows Browser. You can choose one object in the skin editor tree and set its appearance parameters using the settings panel under the tree. Many skin objects contain not only parameters, but also nested objects. For instance, the background and buttons of the bottom menu can be set up separately.

Main skin objects

The tree contains 8 main objects:

  • Publication – allows you to adjust the skin colors.
  • Flash – allows you to adjust corner radius for user interface objects and change font settings.
  • Background – allows you to adjust the settings of outer and inner backgrounds.
  • Book – allows you to set up the book’s look and change the cover settings if necessary.
  • Bottom Menu – allows you to adjust the various key characteristics of the bottom menu.
  • Preloader Panel – allows you to adjust the settings of a publication preloader.
  • Tooltips – allows you to adjust the tooltip settings and parameters for some of the skin buttons.
  • Windows – this object is intended for all publication’s windows setup: the book windows, popup windows and side windows.

How to switch on the hardcover mode?

Hardcover settings belong to the Book parameters. By selecting this object in the tree you can see the parameter list in the bottom panel, which contains Hardcover Mode. To switch this on, select the “Hardcover” value, or the “Hardcover with borders” if you want to apply hardcover mode with borders, which also contains some additional settings.

How to chage the background image?

Outer and inner background settings can be found inside the Background object.

You can adjust the background color (it can be seen if you have deleted the background images), image files and its position.

Saving and loading your skin

To save and load your skin, you can select from the following two options: simply save your project or save the skin separately, using the skin panel menu (please see the picture below).

Object and parameter search

To be able to find the required object or parameter quickly, you can use the search field above the tree. Just type the object’s name and the object will be automatically opened in the tree. At the same time, all the other objects will be hidden for your convenience. To quit the search mode, click the cross button on the right. The tree will turn back to its original look.

Search Field Window – FlippingBook Publisher

Skin Object Editing

If you would like to setup a skin object, just click on it and specify the appropriate values using the settings panel under the tree. To set up the nested objects, use the [+] button on the left hand side of the object name or just use the double click.

Please note that some objects do not have their own settings, they just contain nested objects.

How To

How to change the publication’s font?

To change the default font, you can use the Font Settings parameter, which is located in the Publication object. By selecting this object in the tree you can see the parameter list in the bottom panel, which contains Font Settings. This parameter can be used to replace the default font with any other font installed on your computer.

Please note that the chosen font is not embedded in your publication, so you have to be sure that your publication’s users have the same font on their computers or mobile devices installed. That’s why we strongly recommend using only the popular font families.

How to change buttons of the bottom menu?

All of the bottom menu settings can be easily found in the Publication / Bottom Menu object. Button settings are located inside the Bottom Menu / Buttons object. This parameter and its nested objects allow you to change button colors as well as button shadows (object Buttons / Icon).

Apart from this, you can also change the button’s looks in different conditions; you can adjust how the button appears when the mouse is brought over it (Fill Over), and when it is being clicked (Fill Down).

How to change the main skin color?

The main Skin Color is a parameter that can be found in the Publication object. By selecting this object in the tree you can see the parameter list in the bottom panel, which contains the Skin Color setting. Use this setting to change the main skin color. Please note the following: if you have already selected individual colors for some other elements of your publication, the skin color will not be applied to them.

How to change the skin corner radius?

Many standard skin objects look like rectangles with rounded corners. If you wish to change the corner radius, you can use the Corner Radius parameter. By selecting the Publication object in the tree you will see the parameter list in the bottom panel, which contains Corner Radius. This parameter specifies the corner radius for the main skin elements. Please note that different objects have different corner radiuses and this parameter can only be used to change the values proportionally.