FTP Client

The built-in FTP client allows you to upload your publications to any FTP server directly from FlippingBook Publisher interface.

Simply enter your server name, password, and specify the folder you want to upload it to. FlippingBook Publisher will upload the publication instantly.

Upload to FTP Server Window – FlippingBook Publisher

FlippingBook Cloud

If you do not have any FTP server to upload your publication, you can use the FlippingBook Publisher online integrated service FlippingBook Cloud.

Even if you do have a server, you can still use FlippingBook Cloud as an alternative for easing the pressure on you server.

FlippingBook Cloud is a cloud server, which offers various opportunities for storing and instant sharing of your publications via email and social networks. To publish your information stored on FlippingBook Cloud, you should just copy its link and embed it to your website. There are a number of significant benefits of using FlippingBook Cloud:

  • Fast renewal (thanks to Cloudfront technology all your readers will be able to view the new version of your publication as soon as it is uploaded).
  • Advanced sharing (you can distribute your publications to specified mailing lists or share your digital publications on social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, directly from the FlippingBook Publisher interface).

With a FlippingBook Publisher license you can create an unlimited number of publications for hosting on your own server. However, when hosting on FlippingBook Cloud, you will be restricted to 3 publications at a time with the Standard Subscription and an unlimited number with the Premium Subscription. Learn more about subscriptions.

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