What is FlippingBook Cloud?

FlippingBook Cloud is an online service designed for hosting, distributing, and efficient managing digital publications created with FlippingBook Publisher.

FlippingBook offers you a user-friendly tool with simple embedding and fast uploading options. With its help you can embed the publications created with our application to a website or blog, share it with your clients and business partners via email or social networks directly from the interface of FlippingBook Publisher.

Thanks to the Amazon Cloudfront technology, FlippingBook Cloud allows your publications to load faster and work more efficiently. Your audience will appreciate the loading speed and permanent access to your publications worldwide.

What are the benefits of using FlippingBook Cloud for my publications?

Publishing to FlippingBook Cloud is just one more option in addition to the ways you are used to for publishing in the previous versions of FlippingBook Publisher. You are still able to distribute your publications by hosting them on your own server. But storing a publication on FlippingBook Cloud gives you plenty of advantages over the traditional methods.

Two types of Subscription available

When hosting on FlippingBook Cloud, you will be restricted to three publications at a time with the Standard Subscription and an unlimited number with the Premium Subscription. Learn more about subscriptions.

Simple publication management

Estimate the space and the network traffic used by your publication quickly and easily. The FlippingBook Cloud built-in statistic tools will help you to control your online library.

Publication Manager Window – FlippingBook Publisher

Easy and convenient embedding into a website

In order for your publication to become available to your visitors, all you need to do is to paste onto your website a small code that will be shown right after the uploading process.

Share Publications Window – Insert to site Tab – FlippingBook Publisher

Online backup storage

With publication source project saved on FlippingBook Cloud you can be sure that it is safe and anytime available from any computer with FlippingBook Publisher installed.

Social networks sharing

Expand your audience to the users of social networks. Publications uploaded on FlippingBook Cloud can be instantly posted on your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the FlipppingBook Publisher interface.

Share Publications Window – Share Tab – FlippingBook Publisher

Project synchronization for distribution and collaboration

A publication source project uploaded on FlippingBook Cloud can be easily downloaded by you or your colleagues if you use FlippingBook Publisher Business edition with Teamwork feature enabled.

Fast distribution of any documents to your colleagues and partners

FlippingBook Publisher allows you to import any types of documents (PDF, MS Office, JPEG and other). It does not really matter what you want to publish – catalogs, e-magazines, brochures – because the built-in FlippingBook Cloud sharing tools make the distribution fast and easy.

Files For Download Window – FlippingBook Publisher

You can also attach source documents to your publication to give your recipients the ability to download them.

Rapid uploading directly from FlippingBook Publisher

You do not have to wait long and upload publications onto your website using some complicated FTP software. Your publication will be uploaded online and ready to use with one click.

Upload to FlippingBook Cloud Settings – FlippingBook Publisher

Instant mailing directly from FlippingBook Publisher

A link to your publication on FlippingBook Cloud can be instantly sent by email to all of your clients and business partners with a few clicks.

You can also specify a mailing list to send the link to several emails simultaneously.

Share Publications Window – Send by Mail Tab – FlippingBook Publisher

Guaranteed fast access to your publications

Thanks to Amazon Cloudfront technology all the publications uploaded on FlippingBook Cloud are made available to your readers at the fastest speed worldwide.

Load transfer on our servers

Reduce the load of your servers – store and distribute your publications using FlippingBook Cloud, so that you will be sure the reliability of your publications and the maximum loading speed.

How to start using FlippingBook Cloud?

To upload your publication to FlippingBook Cloud, select the following menu item: FlippingBook Cloud -> Publish to FlippingBook Cloud. The uploading will start automatically – and you do not have to setup any technical details.

After your publication has been uploaded, it is given a unique and secure URL, which can be instantly opened in the browser, sent by email to your clients and business partners, or shared via social networks with only a few clicks.

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