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Make pitches that sell

A successful pitch has to sell. To do that, it needs to engage and surprise the audience you’re pitching to. Printed pitches no longer engage and you can’t surprise anyone with a PowerPoint presentation. HTML5 flipbooks, however, are capable of both. By creating your pitch deck with FlippingBook, you turn your plain PDF into an interactive digital publication with a smart page turn effect and stunning visuals that your clients, partners, and investors will love. And if you want, you can create a presentation with FlippingBook, too.

Make pitches that sell

How to make a digital pitch with FlippingBook

Making an online presentation with our pitch creator is very easy. It will only take four simple steps.

Step 1

Upload your PDF into FlippingBook. In just 1-2 minutes, your HTML5 business presentation will be ready.

Customize the design yourself
Step 2

Customize your pitch or presentation. Add branding, interactivity. Choose one of 24 design templates or upload your own.

Website embedding
Step 3

Share your pitch! Send a direct link to it via email, messenger, or social media, or embed it directly into a website.

Track readers’ activity
Step 4

Track statistics. Learn how people interact with your pitch: how often they view it, what pages, what outbound links they click.

Enrich with interactivity

Transform your static PDF pitch deck into an engaging visual and interactive experience by adding colorful GIFs, entertaining videos, pop-up image galleries, and links to relevant sources. This way, you will be able to convey your message in different formats within one presentation.

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Enrich with interactivity

Brand as your own

Don’t miss an opportunity to spread brand awareness with your presentation! You can add a clickable logo leading back to your website, upload a custom favicon, or even brand the links to your publications removing all mentions of FlippingBook.

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Digital presentation and pitch examples

Look at these digital pitches and presentations and get inspired! The digital flipbook format is a clear step-up from traditional slides. The realistic page flip effect and book thickness will make your content stand out. Wide pages look best in our single page flip layout, but you can set up a two-page layout as well or stick to slides that keep all the interactive features of online flipbooks.

Go mobileGo mobile

Even if your clients use mobile devices to flip through your pitch deck, they’ll still get the best experience: your online presentation will load fast and look amazing on any screen.

Update instantlyUpdate instantly

Whatever planned or last-minute change your digital presentation requires, don’t worry—you can update it in a click, without breaking the publication link.

Trackable sales efforts

With FlippingBook, your pitch becomes a multi-functional sales tool. Track statistics to learn how often clients view your presentation and what pages interest them the most. Create a trackable individual link to a pitch and send it to a specific client—you’ll get real-time email notifications when they open or download the pitch. Plus, if it comes with an exclusive offer, you can make the link available for a limited time only.

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Protect your content

You can be sure: your content is duly protected with FlippingBook. Disable sharing, downloading, or printing of your presentation. Keep it from the prying eye of search engines, if you want. Set a password and make the flipbook only available for viewing on your website for maximum security.

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FlippingBook makes presenting information so much easier.
Hope Dunbar from Buffalo State (E.H. Butler Library)
uses FlippingBook as a go-to presentation tool


  • I have a presentation but it’s not in PDF. Can I still convert it with FlippingBook?

    You’ll need a PDF, but if you already have a PowerPoint presentation or slides in PNG/JPEG, all you need to do is to save them in PDF, and you’re good to go. If you’ve never done that before, we recommend you to read our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. It lists all the popular PDF-making tools, their key features and advantages.

    And if you want to make a presentation from scratch, you can use Canva, an easy-to-use design tool. FlippingBook integrates with Canva seamlessly, so you can create a PDF there and send it straight to our tool with no extra steps.

  • Do you have a free plan?

    No, we don’t. But we do have a trial period. During that period, you can try out our browser-based tool or desktop software for free, no credit card required. All features will be available to you, except for a custom domain.

  • Will digital pitches and presentations made with FlippingBook contain third-party ads?

    No, they won’t. All digital publications created with FlippingBook are ad-free.

  • How many pitches can I make via FlippingBook?

    It depends on the plan you choose (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher). However, with FlippingBook Publisher, you can host publications on your own server. In that case, the number of publications you can make is unlimited.

  • I want to track how different people interact with the same marketing pitch. Can I do that?

    Yes, you can. You can create several trackable individual links to the same pitch—one trackable link per client. This way, you’ll get email notifications when this or that particular client opens your pitch via the trackable link you’ve sent them. You’ll also be able to analyze their personal activity with the document. And if your pitch contains an exclusive offer, simply set the link to expire, so no third party can access it.

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