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Take communication with your audience to a new level with professional interactive pageflip e-newsletters from FlippingBook. Convert from PDF to HTML5, design, brand, and share your newsletter in just a few minutes, and then track how readers interact with it.

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What’s a digital newsletter created with FlippingBook?

Adigital newsletter is an HTML5 publication converted from a PDF via FlippingBook. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience, drive readers’ attention, and showcase your business at its best. Your subscribers will love looking through your engaging newsletters with a realistic page-flip effect and a great reading experience on any device.

FlippingBook also allows you to brand your newsletters and share them via link right away. And then you can track how your clients interact with the newsletter to make it even more powerful.


How to make a digital newsletter with FlippingBook

To create your own digital newsletter with FlippingBook publishing software just follow these four easy steps, and you’ll get an interactive newsletter ready for sharing in no time!


Just upload a PDF of your future internal or promotional newsletter to FlippingBook. It will take only 1-2 minutes to convert it to the HTML5 format.


After your e-newsletter is converted, you can design and customize it. Choose a background template from our skin collection or upload your own, set a color palette. Don’t forget to brand it, too!


Make your online newsletter more engaging and interactive. Add links, videos, pictures, pop-ups, and GIFs to its digital pages wherever you want.


When your newsletter is ready to go, just copy the link to it and share it via email or social media. You can also embed it directly to your website for a seamless viewing experience.

Send links instead of attachments

FlippingBook converts your bulky PDF newsletter into a nifty HTML5 publication and hosts it online. Instead of a file, you get a direct link to your newsletter or magazine. Just share the link via email or on social media to keep members of your mailing list connected.

Send links instead of attachments

Provide an excellent reading experience

HTML5 publications powered by FlippingBook have a realistic one- or two‑page layout, a smooth page flip effect, and comfortable navigation that make the reading process pleasant and intuitive. People can open your internal newsletter on any device, in any browser, and start reading right away.

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Send links instead of attachments

Brand your online newsletters

Share your professional newsletters anywhere on the web and be sure people will recognize your brand at first glance with a few handy tools that FlippingBook offers.

Custom background

Choose one of our 24 ready design templates or add your own background image to create a unique look and feel for your online newsletter.


Add your company’s logo to your digital newsletter, and it will lead people to your website in one click.


With a customized favicon, your newsletter will look like a part of your brand.

Send links instead of attachments

Deliver newsletters of any length to mobile users

People don’t like downloading heavy PDFs or scrolling through lengthy digital documents on their mobile devices. With FlippingBook, your subscribers won’t have to download anything. They’ll just click the link you’ve sent them and get instant access to a digital newsletter specially tailored for tablets and smartphones.

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Send links instead of attachments

Create, manage, and update your online newsletters with ease

The best part of using FlippingBook is that you can create your digital newsletters all by yourself, with no coding or help from IT. A powerful search tool and private and shared folders help manage newsletters within your account. And if you update an issue of your monthly/quarterly/annual newsletter (which you can do in a click), the link to it doesn’t change so there is no need to re-send anything.

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Track stats to learn how your newsletter is performing

Improve your communication with your employees, partners, or clients even further with FlippingBook analytics. Track statistics after sending out the link and learn how people interact with your online newsletter. You can see how many views and visitors it gets, and even what pages people find especially interesting.

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Our products

You can make an interactive digital newsletter with any of our two products here, a browser-based tool or desktop software. Just choose the one that works best for you.

FlippingBook Online
Our browser-based tool, FlippingBook Online doesn’t require installation and contains all the necessary features for you to create the best online newsletter in just a few clicks.
FlippingBook Publisher
Desktop newsletter creator for Windows. We recommend using it if you consider hosting your digital newsletters on your own server and would like to have more control over their design and customization.


  • I already have a newsletter but not in PDF. How do I make a PDF?

    If you want to know how to make a PDF newsletter, read our blog post The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers first. In it, we go through characteristics and key features of different popular PDF making tools. Choose the one that suits your needs best, create a PDF of your future digital newsletter, and then convert it with FlippingBook.

  • Do you have a free plan?

    We don’t have a free plan but you can try out both our desktop software and browser-based tool for free, no credit card required. All features will be available to you during the trial.

  • Will you put ads in my newsletters hosted with FlippingBook?

    No, we won’t. All digital publications created with FlippingBook are ad-free.

  • I have a newsletter intended for employee communications or membership mailing only. Can I keep it private?

    Yes, sure, you can keep your membership or internal staff newsletters as private as you would like them to be. FlippingBook allows you to control the sharing, printing, and downloading of your document, make your online publications invisible for Google and other search engines, restrict domains they can be embedded on, and even set password protection.

  • How many newsletters can I create with FlippingBook?

    It totally depends on the plan (or edition, if it’s FlippingBook Publisher). But if you choose to host newsletters on your own server, the number of publications will be unlimited.

One of our main achievements with FlippingBook is bringing digital interaction to our print newsletter. 
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