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Empower your marketing efforts with digital flipbooks

FlippingBook converts your PDFs into unrivaled flipbooks packed with strong tools to boost your marketing strategy. Create content that engages your audience, generate new leads with it, and then measure content performance.

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Engage with your content

The flipbook format is just what you need to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. In addition to the authentic reading experience, your clients can enjoy interactive perks! Embed videos and GIF animation across the pages of your flipbook, add links to useful resources, turn simple images into pop-ups.

video embedding

Generate leads within your ebooks

FlippingBook lets you add a lead capture form to any page of your ebook. The form is customizable and works across all mobile devices, so you can collect leads in a friendly and efficient manner.

Generate leads within your ebooks

Create irresistible marketing materials

Brochures, magazines, guides—there’s no limit to what you can create with FlippingBook. See how engaging and advanced your content can become with these examples from our customers:

Analyze content performance

Unlike PDFs, which give you the download rate at best, FlippingBook publications are trackable. Discover who your visitors are and how they interact with your documents, and get real, actionable data for better marketing decisions.

Analyze content performance

Boost SEO

Want more people to discover your content on the web? We’ll help. Designed with SEO in mind, FlippingBook lets you create publications that are consistently indexed and ranked by search engines. Also, consider branding the links to your flipbooks—people will feel safe to click them, so you’ll get more views and a higher ranking.

Boost SEO

Track the content you share

Want to start a cool partnership or an in-product integration, but don’t know if your marketing proposal has been opened? Create a trackable link to know when exactly your content is seen, and which part has triggered the most views and outbound clicks. Call your prospective partner with the right info at hand and begin a fruitful collaboration together.

Track the content you share

Deliver content to your team

Do you create content for other departments in your company? Make sure they appreciate it the moment it’s ready. Create each custom flipbook in your private workspace, and then drop into a relevant shared folder. Everyone in your team will have immediate access to your impressive content.

Deliver content to your team
With FlippingBook as a content and lead generation tool, our conversion rate to meetings is three times higher than before.
Alex Teoh Client Success Director at 2X
increases conversions with FlippingBook

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