Working with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. With FlippingBook Publisher, you can use this web analytics service to gather information about your publications, so you can get insight into your audience’s interaction with your flipbooks. Google Analytics makes it possible to see, for example, how often certain pages were visited, what device was used, which links your users clicked on, and much more.

Here are the steps to follow to use Google Analytics in FlippingBook Publisher:

Set up Google Analytics for your publication

The first thing you will need to do is set up Google Analytics for your flipbook. We describe how to do that in our article How do I set up Google Analytics for my publication?

Analyze your statistics in depth

Once you’ve set up Google Analytics for your flipbook, uploaded your flipbook, and waited for about 24 hours, so Google has some data to report, you can delve into detailed statistics with the help of the article What can I track using Google Analytics? If you are an experienced Google Analytics user, you could even set up some custom explorations to track FlippingBook-specific events


NoteOur articles are based upon Google Analytics 4. The previous versions of Google Analytics, called Universal Analytics, has stopped working. Starting from July 1, 2023, such standard Universal Analytics properties stopped processing data. If you see no data in Google Analytics, then check if you use a UA-tracker (it looked like this: UA-1234567-0) and replace it with a new GA4 tracker (which looks like G-123A456B78). 

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