FlippingBook vs. Flipsnack

FlippingBook vs. Flipsnack

FlippingBook works every time. It’s like an Apple product—you know it’s just going to work. That’s a really good thing.
Joshua Liebmann
Australian Institute of Management

When you’re looking for a flipbook creator, all the tools may seem the same and it can be challenging to choose the right one. A good strategy could be to understand why you need a flipbook tool in the first place: to empower your digital content, make the process of creating flipbooks easy and fast, sell your flipbooks, etc.

And sometimes you can’t decide between two flipbook makers. FlippingBook or Flipsnack, for example. To help you see what FlippingBook allows you to do, we’ve gathered the main reasons why people choose FlippingBook vs Flipsnack. 


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The Top Reasons Why Businesses Use FlippingBook vs. Flipsnack


Reason 1: We Think About Your Reader for You  

FlippingBook team is all about providing an excellent reading experience. We know that the reader’s comfort is everything when you want to create a memorable first impression, grab your readers’ attention right from the start, and gain loyal clients.

Our flipbooks are specially designed for showing content at its best on any device, be it desktop, smartphone or tablet. You can be sure that your readers will fall in love with the perfect combination of beauty and comfort of your flipbooks—the smooth way a flipbook is loading, its realistic page flip effect, and clean modern design. They will enjoy how convenient to read your flipbooks are and will always prefer them to any other formats. We know, we’ve checked. :)

Quality in your flipbook


  • Perfect vector text quality on any screen—from a smartphone to a 4K display.
  • High-quality, realistic page flip effect, authentic page shadows, and book thickness give your readers the feeling of reading a real book.
  • Crystal-clear images on any high-pixel density or retina display.
  • Select text option that allows your clients to copy any text they need from your flipbook.


  • Text as an image that can lose quality if you zoom in on it.
  • Nice and simple page flip effect and page shadows without book thickness.

Interactivity on any page


  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia videos anywhere on the page of your flipbook.
  • Add pop-up image galleries or inline images to your ready PDF to enhance your viewers’ experience.
  • Make your flipbook more engaging by adding GIF-animation.
  • Add interactive forms, quizzes, and surveys across the pages of your flipbooks to gather valuable insights or know your audience better.
  • Add links to the products on the pages of your catalog to make it easier for your clients to shop right away.


  • Add YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted videos on any page of your flipbook.
  • Choose from stock images or upload your own when creating a flipbook from scratch in the design studio.
  • Add GIF-animation to your ready PDF or when designing your flipbook in Flipsnack.
  • Add iframe embeds with virtual tours, maps, or surveys (only available in the Enterprise plan)
  • Promote products in flipbooks by adding checkout options. Set all product details, including price and the checkout URL form.
Conversion of PDFs into hardbound digital books is fantastic. The moment a flipbook comes on the screen, it gives you an effect like you’re actually reading a book. Our readers are fascinated with that. On Kindle you’re just scrolling down the screen, which is very boring. And FlippingBook gives our readers a live experience.
Founder of Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Reason 2: We Make It Easy for You to Create Beautiful Flipbooks

Our top priority is to make it easy and quick for you to create flipbooks. You only need to upload your PDF to our service and we’ll do the rest. Just in a few minutes you get a ready, professional-looking flipbook to share with the world right away!

And if you want to customize your flipbook a bit more to match your brand, you can do it easily—all our settings are right at hand when you need them. You can even save your favorite settings as default to create content faster next time. Plus, FlippingBook’s interface is intuitive and easy-to-use because we keep the user experience in mind when developing our products. This way, you save a lot of time and effort and can have an extra cup of coffee while your flipbook is working for you. 

Creating flipbook


  • You take your PDF, upload it to our service, and get a ready flipbook just in a few clicks.


  • You can upload your PDF or create a flipbook from scratch in a design studio.



  • Intuitive interface and convenient settings help you enhance your flipbook by adding interactivity, branding, external links in a fast and easy way.


  • Interface allows you to make a simple flipbook quickly but it takes time to get used to the overwhelming number of settings and find the ones you actually need.
FlippingBook has all the features that we need and is very simple to use, very user-friendly. The process of creating a flipbook is intuitive, and the result looks great.
Manager of Marketing and the Business Unit for Textile Finishing at Pettacci

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Reason 3: We’re the Best Listeners

Not only are we the best listeners, but we actually want to listen. Our support team is always there to help you use FlippingBook easily and intuitively. We have 24/5 chat, phone, and email support, with limited availability on weekends. We investigate every problem and can even fix your PDF for you, so your flipbook looks its best. 

What’s more, we’re always open to your suggestions and develop only the useful features to make our products even better for everyone. So, in a way, we make FlippingBook together with you. We’re also happy to talk to you and really appreciate it when you ask us questions about how it all works. Looking at our products through your eyes helps us make FlippingBook better for you. 

I liked the customer support, the level of service, the professionalism of the website, the live chat. FlippingBook–even before we paid for the subscription–was very responsive to my needs and my questions. So I felt like it would be a good fit.
Head of Computer Training, eLearning and Marketing at DCE

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We’re always excited to receive new reviews and feedback on G2, one of the largest platforms where people can discover and review the SaaS products they need. With 113 reviews, FlippingBook received a stunning rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, with 9.0 for Ease of Use, 9.4 for Quality of Support, and 9.6 for Ease of Setup (out of 10).

What's more, FlippingBook is among the leaders in the Flipbook software category, all thanks to your wonderful reviews and support!

If we talk about FlippingBook vs. Flipsnack comparison on G2, you can learn all the fresh stats here.


Reason 4: We Care about Your Security and Privacy

We know that in our digital era security is more vital than ever and we always care about your privacy. We don’t use your flipbooks for unsolicited promotion of our services (only with your permission), we just help you create the content and give you full control of it. There’s nothing that can take your readers’ attention from your flipbooks, only a small FlippingBook logo in the corner that you can change to your company’s logo. 

We’ve built a state-of-the-art infrastructure and use highly-reliable Amazon servers to ensure that your flipbooks are protected from unwanted access, securely hosted, load fast, and are always available on any device. We have always taken cybersecurity seriously, introducing efficient protective measures against any and all possible threats. But don’t take our word for it—discover FlippingBook’s cybersecurity rating provided by SecurityScorecard.

You can choose whether to make your content public or private. From a shareable link only available to your recipients to a protected embed that only works within your website. When you password-protect your sensitive content, we’ll make sure it stays secured and there’s no way to view your flipbooks without a password. And if you restrict how your content can be shared, your flipbooks will be available only to the audience you select.



  • Password protection
  • Share, download disabling
  • Self-hosting
  • Protected embed


  • Password protection
  • Share, download disabling
  • Self-hosting
  • Domain restriction
Flippingbook allows us to host our documents in a variety of places with full confidence in the security of our resources.
General Manager at New Directions for Academic Advancement


Reason 5: We Offer Not Just a Converter But a Powerful Service

FlippingBook goes beyond simply being a flipbook maker. We’re offering you exactly what you need to enhance your marketing and sales activities. We answer “why?” for you and give you a versatile service to empower you in your everyday work. Here are a few examples of how FlippingBook boosts your marketing and sales processes.


Branding and design

Engage people with stunning design by adding 24 beautiful professionally designed skins or your own background, company logo, and color palette. Catch your readers' attention right from the start and get more loyal clients. 


Custom domain

Enhance your brand awareness by customizing the direct link to your flipbook with your company name. This way, you remove any mention of FlippingBook and get branded links for instantly recognizable content. 

Trackable links

Create and email individual links to the same flipbook to see how each lead interacts with it. Real-time open notifications and stats on recipient actions will help your sales team qualify leads for timely follow-ups and efficient sales.


Document analytics

Track the number of people and total views your publications drive, what parts of your document are the most engaging, and how much time your readers spent reading your flipbook. Knowing how people engage with your content helps you make it even more powerful.

Lead analytics

Add a customizable lead capture form that will help you collect leads right within your flipbook. You can choose from the options we offer: email, name, phone number, company name, country, or set your own. This way, you will gather all the essential data about your leads and contact them at the right time.

Since integrating FlippingBook into our client’s marketing campaigns, we’ve noticed a twofold increase in the amount of leads that we get. And the conversion rate is now three times higher than before..
Client Success Director at 2X

Reason 6: We Know What We Are Not

If you want to create flipbooks to sell them or add E-commerce to them and are not looking for an excellent reading experience, then Flipsnack has a special set of features to help you do it quickly. 

You won’t be able to sell with us. But if you have ready PDFs and would like to convert them to engaging flipbooks with the best, unrivaled reading experience, FlippingBook is exactly what you need. 

Would you rather create PDFs first and then turn them into flipbooks? Read our article about The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers. And come back to us with your PDFs.


Choose FlippingBook if You Want Not Only Flipbooks But Also:

  • documents that are a perfect combination of beauty and comfort specially designed for showing digital content at its best on any device
  • a service that helps you create flipbooks in a fast and easy way—you upload your PDF and we do all the work for you. Just in a few minutes you get a ready flipbook to share with the world right away

  • support team that is always there to help you and happy to listen to your suggestions to make FlippingBook products better together

  • a company that cares about your privacy and security—we secure you on the backend and give you full control on the frontend

  • a versatile service that empowers you in your everyday work and boosts your marketing and sales processes


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