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FlippingBook is an online book maker that lets you create and publish beautiful digital books. Our tool helps you transform the look and feel of your physical book on the screen down to every little detail, and make it easy to share your work with anyone as links. Your readers will love the beauty of your books and how comfortable they are to read on any device.

The Great Gatsby

How to Make a Book Online?

Making a digital book is extremely easy. All you need is a PDF and an account at FlippingBook—and you will get an interactive online book in 1-3 minutes.

  1. Upload your PDF file, and our online book maker will automatically convert your PDF into an HTML5-based online book available as a link.
  2. Customize your online book: add your design, hardcover for a real life feel, and a link to your website so people could get in touch easily.
  3. Wow your readers with interactivity: add GIFs, pop-up images and galleries with high-res pictures or extra content, or videos for even deeper immersion.
  4. Share your digital book with readers! Send it via email, embed on the website, or post on social media for maximum outreach.
  5. Track the online book to see how much your readers love it: learn how many people opened it, how long they stayed reading it, and which parts of the book they enjoyed the most.

💡 Help more people discover your online book—open it up to search engines, so that Google can index it and put it in search results. Digital books created with FlippingBook online book maker rank high!


Online Book Examples

Digital books can look as stunning as physical ones, and evoke as many emotions. With a lifelike pageflip effect, cozy sound of pages rustling, hardcover, and page thickness, the reading experience will be comfortable and enjoyable on any screen. See what your book can look like with our online book creator.

SEÑA Ebook

Benefits for Best-in-Class Online Books 

FlippingBook helps you create unrivaled online books with a set of handy tools. Make your content attractive, easy to read, and interactive with just a few clicks.

Comfort of reading

FlippingBook brings your digital books as close to the paper books as possible to please even the most demanding readers. We recreate the aesthetics of a physical issue with page thickness, pageflip effect, hardcover, and the sound of pages turning. And thanks to super clear text quality, your book will be easy to zoom in on no matter what device the reader uses.

Stunning look and branding

Forget about dull and bulky PDFs! With FlippingBook, your books will get the design they deserve with your own color palette and background. Publishing under a brand? Lead people to your website or your publisher’s with a clickable logo, and make your book instantly recognizable with a branded link.

Publish with ease

No more file hosting tools and email attachments! FlippingBook publishes your online book for you, so you can share it anytime, with anyone. Post it on Facebook as a beautiful preview, embed on your website, or send it via email to your fans.

Stay in control of your content

If you want to share your online book with a limited number of readers, you can easily do so with FlippingBook. Protect the book from unauthorized access with a password, and keep control over your content’s distribution by disabling print, share, and download options.

Planning to sell? Then you can publish your online book in a restricted area of your website as a protected embed. This way, the book will not work anywhere else, so only people who paid for it will be able to access and read it.

Measure your book's success

See if your digital book makes a splash with our online book creator’s analytics tools. You will learn how many people have read your book, if they shared it with their friends, which parts of the story they enjoyed the most, and much more. 

Update with a click

Noticed a typo? Don’t worry! With FlippingBook digital book maker, you can correct any error in your content with a click. Just replace the PDF in your FlippingBook account, and your book will be immediately republished under its original link. No need to re-send anything—your readers will automatically get the new version of your book the next time they open the link.


How to Make Your Online Book Stand Out

Great content deserves great wrapping. Don’t forget about it when working on your online book, and it will be bound for success. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Optimize for mobile devices

We’re a generation glued to our—pretty small—mobile screens. If you want your readers to enjoy your content everywhere, choose larger fonts and a clear structure. Using multiple columns layout also helps, as it makes it much easier to zoom in on a specific text and read it comfortably. 

By the way, clear structure, large fonts, and contrasting colors make your books more accessible, so a greater number of readers can enjoy them. Read more on accessibility guidelines and how FlippingBook helps here.

Prioritize navigation

PDFs are notoriously difficult to navigate around, but FlippingBook digital book creator improves things drastically. A clickable table of contents and a search option will help your readers switch between the chapters of your book effortlessly and find relevant info in seconds. Plus, our software will automatically pull up the bookmarks from your PDF file and transform them into an interactive table of contents. 

Vary your content with interactivity

Depending on the type of your content, interactive elements can just be a fun little detail or an integral part of your digital book. In any case, with a bit of interactivity, reading your book will turn into an exciting journey.

  • Try videos with the author’s commentaries, interviews, or a book trailer instead of a static annotation.
  • GIFs are a great way to bring life to inline illustrations.
  • Pop-ups let you add images that go beyond the standard layout and help visualize content better. Think maps or newspaper spreads.   

Show off your books with a stylish digital bookshelf

If you have several lifelike digital books, why not keep them on a lifelike digital bookshelf? It’s a great way to present your content online creatively. Plus, it will be super comfortable for your readers to explore your content, as they will be able to access all of it in one place. Here’s what a bookshelf created with FlippingBook online book maker looks like: 

Wooden Bookshelf

And here you can learn how to create one. It’s easier than you think!

So, are you ready to try out some of these ideas for your next digital book? We are positive it’ll be a hit! You can start today with FlippingBook’s online book maker 14 day free trial—it includes all the interactive features and doesn’t require a credit card. 

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