How a Community College Makes Their Materials Accessible and Gains Thousands of Views

We are very happy with using FlippingBook.

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One of our clients is a Community College founded in the US more than 50 years ago. It serves around 10,000 students each semester in 70 credit and noncredit programs of study that lead to more than 150 degrees. Through in-person, online, and hybrid courses, the College prepares its students for jobs in various industries or further university transfer, thus helping the community around it grow and prosper. 



The College has many printed materials for students, and one of the most important among them is the College Catalog. The Catalog contains all the useful information a newly admitted student may need, from enrollment to the list of courses to the student services available to them. 

Trying to make the essential Catalog as accessible as possible, the College decided to take it online. Their first go-to solution was to make it into a PDF. However, they soon discovered that PDF left much to be desired as a format—and their goal changed accordingly.

We wanted to have something that looked better than PDF and had a better user experience, something more functional, more fun, and more professional.


Even though the College abandoned the idea of the PDF Catalog, they still searched for something similar in appearance so that they could use the PDF they’d created. That led them to consider the flipbook format and they looked into several flipbook software before settling on FlippingBook. They found the interface clean and intuitive and appreciated how easily publications could be customized and updated whenever necessary.  

To compare the efficiency of flipbooks made via FlippingBook to that of PDFs, the College put the Catalog up in both formats. The results were staggering.

Our statistics showed that the flipbook version outpaced the PDF by a great margin. The flipbook gets thousands of views daily.


Since the College started using the software, the format has gained popularity across different College departments. They’ve been turning more and more documents into digital flipbooks, such as handbooks, brochures, annual reports, magazines, and so forth. 

Through Google Analytics, the College tracks which pages of their publications are viewed the most, and they’re pleased to see that students manage to find the information they need quickly, even in lengthy multi-chaptered flipbooks. 

All in all, both staff and students are very happy with the solution.

FlippingBook gives us the experience that we want.

Recent studies show that 36% of Gen Z students consider attending a community college before a 4-year college and 21% contemplate attending one instead of other higher education options. Is your community college doing enough to appeal to the first digital generation?

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