How to Achieve Educational Goals Using Flipbooks?


If you work in education, you probably create various brochures, prospectuses, newsletters. Like many other educators, you ship your publications to your students and alumni as well as create multiple PDFs.

However, our research shows that more and more schools step away from tradition and choose to digitize their documents. This allows them to promote their schools, communicate with their audience better, and find cost-cutting alternatives to printing.

In order to learn how exactly educators benefit from digital brochures and prospectuses, we conducted a survey among over 40 customers. They told us what goals educators can achieve using online publications, and we singled out three major objectives. Whether you’re new to FlippingBook or you’re a current customer, we hope you’ll find this article useful.

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Connect with Your Students Better

We use our publications to keep our college community and our alumni up-to-date with what’s going on at the college.
Millicent Rickenbacker, Texas College

Most of your target audience are young people: students, their parents, young professionals. They all research schools and educational organizations online, so your brochures and prospectuses should be available on your website and social media.prospectusTo communicate with the young you have to think young. Right now, you probably print out your newsletters and course catalogs as well as create them in PDF – a format that lacks interactivity and isn’t visually engaging. Our research shows that students are most likely to look at and enjoy a modern, interactive document with images, videos, and GIFs.

We like to offer viewers a more interactive format for some of our online documents – not just basic PDFs. Having our publications come to life really encourages audience engagement.
Sara Oliver, Dundee and Angus College


raising awareness


Raise Awareness about Your School

Most of our online programs and brochures are eight or nine pages long with some essential information or program specifics. They help students learn about our institution.
Jason Waack, Lindenwood University

One of the main marketing goals of any educational organization is to raise awareness about their cause. PDFs can’t really contribute to achieving that goal: they can’t be customized, and viewers spend more time loading them than paying attention to any branding elements, e.g. your logo.

Unlike PDFs, digital publications can help you raise awareness about your school or university. They’re accessible via a direct link, so your viewers can share your documents with their friends and colleagues easily, which will boost your traffic. Plus, if you add branding (your logo, link to website, favicon), your publications will be instantly recognizable.

Teach First Brochure

The ability to brand each publication, get the exact colors, personalize it as much as we need to is really great.
Tara Nobles, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia


reduce printing costs


Reduce Printing Costs

If you’re an international school, your current and prospective students as well as your alumni probably come from all over the world. PDF versions of your prospectuses are heavy and load slowly, and shipping school magazines to your audience is costly and time-consuming. Dealing with customs can be stressful, too. Even though some of your older alumni prefer printed publications, most of your audience are young school leavers and students who embrace technology.

FlippingBook is great, because my pieces look just as good digitally as they do in print. Some of our readers say they don’t want the hard copy of the magazine anymore. They prefer the digital version.
Katie Rice Jones, Cathedral School for Boys

Emailing a publication link to your students and alumni will save you time and money. You can also embed prospectuses on your website and social media, so that more people could find your content. Plus, if your brochures become outdated, you can always just update them and not waste money on prospectus Keep in mind that over 50% of viewers prefer to access information online via their phones or tablets, but data allowance can be quite expensive. So, since digital documents don’t take up much of user data to load, your students and prospects will see that you care about their time and money.

Having FlippingBook means that students can access a prospectus and look at it, and they don’t have to download it directly to the phone. So they can save the data from doing that.
Samantha Ashton, St Helens College

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