How a Senior School Provides Information to Students and Prep Schools via Ad-Free Publications

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Our client is a leading British senior day and boarding School, founded in England in the middle of the 19th century. Every year they welcome some 200 new students from over 40 countries around the world, with nearly 800 students boarding or attending at the same time. 

The School prides itself on giving their students the best opportunities to reach academic excellence as well as encouraging them to express their true selves. Their alumni often proceed to enter such highly sought-for colleges as Oxford, Cambridge, and the Ivy League schools, or succeed as renowned artists.



Over the course of the year, the School creates a great variety of colorful publications, from prospectuses to magazines to brochures, designed to bring students and parents up to speed with the latest School activities. 

No less (if not more) important, though, are promo materials made for all the prep schools out there. Annually, the School is joined by students from about 60 different prep schools, 18% of them—from overseas. In many cases, the students made the decision to attend the School because they were promptly advised of the opportunity by the staff in their own prep schools. That’s why it’s vital for the School to keep those informed.

Getting the staff of the schools in the UK and overseas on board with what we do so that they would recommend our senior school to their pupils is key to our marketing.

In the past, the School struggled to communicate with prospective students and prep schools in a fast and efficient way since the printed publications just couldn’t cut it. What the School needed was a tool that would help them take their documents online. 


Search for Solution 

Issuu was the first tool the School came across in their search for a solution. But Issuu put advertising into publications—a move the School didn’t appreciate as it made their documents look unprofessional in the eyes of other schools and prospects. They had to find a different, ad-free solution. That’s where FlippingBook came along.

I saw FlippingBook in use by another college and I could see that there was no advertising involved. So we switched over to FlippingBook.


With FlippingBook, the School could create ad-free professional documents that looked just like their printed ones but were even more visually engaging. The vibrant colors of their publications were complemented by the flipbook format. But more importantly, the School could now send their promo materials anywhere as links in seconds.

Happy with the result, the School started taking more and more documents online.

We use FlippingBook for most of our printed information now: prospectuses, school magazines, leaflets. Over the course of the year, we would convert 30 or so publications.


The School embeds their promo materials into the pages of their website, while also offering visitors to request a hard copy through a special form. Their publications are available on social media as well, easy to view on any device. This transparency allows students, parents, and prep schools across the country and around the world to get updates about the School in a timely and effortless manner. 

As for the School itself, they enjoy the ease of use of the FlippingBook software and the visual appeal of their interactive publications.

It works really well for us. It’s easy to use. And I really like the whooshy sound it makes as you turn the page.

There are nearly 2,400 independent schools in the UK, with over 550,000 students in attendance—both numbers grow every year. Does your school get information to its prospects fast enough?

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