Can I install FlippingBook Publisher on my Mac?

We offer two products to create FlippingBooks: FlippingBook Online and FlippingBook Publisher

  • Our web-based product FlippingBook Online is 100% Mac compatible. All you need is a browser, so just start Safari or Chrome and you can start creating FlippingBooks on your Mac. You can even use it from your iPad to create flipbooks that work on all devices: Macs, Windows PCs, all iOS devices and Android phones and tablets.
  • Our desktop software FlippingBook Publisher can be installed on Windows only. Please note that you can install Windows on your Mac to work with FlippingBook Publisher. You can use Boot Camp or virtualization tools such as VMWare Fusion, Parallels or VirtualBox to install Windows on your Mac. Worth noting that flipbooks created by FlippingBook Publisher will open normally on a Mac. You can also use an iPhone or iPad to open your books online.
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