6 Innovative Tools for Lead Generation

Can you capture new leads as effectively when working from home? This is the question that occupies many marketing and sales specialists’ minds right now, as all events and meetings are canceled until further notice, and the whole offline lead generation process has ground to a halt. With only online tools left at your disposal, is it possible to actually get more leads than before?

We’re sure it is. We present to you six innovative ideas for generating leads. For each new idea, we’ve picked one lead generation software that we consider the best. Those are not your standard CRMs or page-builders. Those are the solutions that you might not have thought of but you definitely should consider trying now. 


Online Flipbooks

Our pick: FlippingBook

Online flipbooks are HTML5 publications converted from PDFs via FlippingBook—ideal for presenting your digital documents online. They are smart, interactive and, among other features, allow you to insert a lead generation form right into your PDF. How does it work? Say, you want to know who has seen your online catalog or digital brochure so you could get in touch with them later. Embed a lead capture form that will request contact information from every reader of your flipbook. You can choose what fields to add to your form and how many. You’ll also get access to your lead form statistics on total visitors and page views that will help you evaluate your document’s efficiency. See how a lead capture form looks inside a flipbook:

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Our pick: Wistia

Wistia is a platform for hosting videos online. Unlike other video-hosting platforms, Wistia focuses on such features as tracking users’ activity and building audiences, which makes it a perfect video solution for businesses. Wistia is an awesome lead generation tool as well: not only do you get to ask for a new subscriber’s email, but you can also insert a lead form right into the video with Wistia’s email collector, Turnstile. You can request an email before the start of your video or ask for it later at a specific point.



Our pick: Poptin

Poptin helps create popups that are perfect for lead generation marketing. You can customize a popup for your website and decide where on the page and when exactly it will appear. But most importantly, you turn your popup into a lead generator. Just choose a lead form as your popup and collect emails. After that, you will be able to sync your leads with any CRM or email marketing platform.



Our pick: Ucalc

Online calculators created via Ucalc are interactive tools that take users’ input, make calculations based on formulas, and produce numerical results. For example, you manage a real estate business, and your website visitors want to know how much it would cost them to rent a townhouse with three bedrooms from you. With an interactive calculator embedded into your website, they can get the estimates they need in seconds and even place an order right away. And you, in turn, will get their contact information—your new lead data.



Our pick: CallPage

CallPage argues that every visitor to your website is a potential lead. To encourage such visitors to take further action, CallPage provides a call back widget that will offer them an instant connection via the phone within 28 seconds. If a visitor accepts, the CallPage widget then finds a sales manager who is available and secures the call. With this system in place, leads won’t ever grow cold waiting and you can catch them when they’re most interested in your offer. 


Surveys & Quizzes

Our pick: Typeform

Typeform is browser-based software that specializes in building online surveys. Surveys and quizzes created via Typeform are very dynamic. You can customize and personalize them easily and turn them into a leads generation tool just by adding an email request into your survey. That way, you will be getting feedback and capturing leads at the same time. See what it can look like by taking our little survey (NB: the last question is purely for demonstration purposes, so feel free to scroll past it and hit submit).


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These are our picks for fresh and innovative lead generation solutions. Check them out and see what tools work best for you.


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