December FlippingBook Publisher Release

For the past few months, we've been working on making publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud faster, more gorgeous looking and easier to use, so that you can easily and quickly open your beautiful interactive online documents and enjoy reading them on any device. This way, your communication with your readers will become more engaging and effective. We are excited to present our updates to you. So let's find out what's new.


Fast Publications

We know that PDFs are very slow to load. We know that opening a big document is a problem. That's why we are always striving to offer you the best options and to improve the way our online publications work. So we are happy to tell you that we've optimized the way your content is delivered: publications stored on FlippingBook Cloud now load and work twice as fast in comparison to the previous version. Your materials will open quickly no matter how large they are. Even if your document has more than 2000 pages, you won't have to wait for it to load. You simply open the publication and start reading from any page right away. It's as easy as that.


Easy-to-use Table of Contents, Search and Navigation

Working with the Table of Contents, Search and Navigation options has become much faster as well. We've improved the way a publication works in a browser. The speed has significantly increased. With the help of the convenient Search and neat looking Table of Contents, you can save time and find everything you need in a minute.


Support for More Types of Link

Another new feature of FlippingBook Publisher is the full support for link types such as mailto, tel, sms and geo as well as relative links. This means that all the links will be detected in and extracted from the PDF to the publication. This way your readers can call you or follow the link to your website straight away while looking through the materials, and they can ask all the questions and then buy your products. It's a very efficient way to boost your sales and improve the way you communicate with your customers.


Security of Offline Publications

Finally, in the new release of FlippingBook Publisher, the security of offline publications has been improved. Windows and Mac OS now recognize publications as secure and no longer show warnings when a publication is opening. These are just a few of the features of our new release. You can read more here: release notes. Go ahead and explore.


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