HubSpot's INBOUND 2024: Everything You Need to Know

INBOUND is an annual three-day conference hosted by HubSpot. It brings together marketers, sales professionals, and business leaders from around the world that want to learn about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in inbound marketing, sales, and customer success. It’s a place where networking, inspiration, creativity, and innovation come together to elevate personal and business growth.

HubSpot’s INBOUND conference features keynote presentations from industry experts, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and hands-on training sessions. Attendees have the opportunity to gain insights into cutting-edge marketing techniques, discover innovative tools and technologies, and connect with like-minded professionals. The event also addresses broader themes, such as digital transformation, customer experience, and the future of marketing.


When and Where Is INBOUND?

In 2024, INBOUND will take place 18-20 September in Boston MA at The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The registration is already open, so grab your ticket right away. 

If you want your boss to send you to the INBOUND conference, HubSpot has created a letter for this case. It will help convince your management that the event is a worthwhile investment for the company, and most importantly, for your personal development.

💡 What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy to attract loyal customers to your business by aligning with your target audience's needs. It’s based on the concept that customers want authentic, meaningful relationships with the companies they work with. Inbound marketing helps create those connections by making valuable targeted content that empowers the audience to reach their business goals.

HubSpot has made an in-depth guide to creating effective inbound marketing campaigns, check it out to learn a step-by-step process for running an inbound marketing campaign.

Inbound Marketing Campaigns Guide

Have a PDF to turn into an ineractive guide?


Who Should Attend?

INBOUND by HubSpot is designed for a wide range of professionals involved in marketing and sales. Here are some key groups of people who would benefit from attending the conference:

⭐Marketers: marketing professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in inbound marketing. This includes content marketers, social media marketers, SEO specialists, email marketers, and digital marketing managers.

⭐Sales professionals: sales reps, sales managers, and sales leaders who want to learn how to leverage inbound strategies to generate leads, close deals, and drive revenue. HubSpot’s INBOUND covers topics such as lead generation, sales enablement, customer engagement, and sales automation.

⭐Business leaders: CEOs, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to drive growth and innovation in their organizations through inbound marketing and sales. The conference provides insights into digital transformation, customer experience, and the future of marketing that can help leaders make informed decisions.

⭐Customer success managers: professionals responsible for managing customer relationships, retention, and satisfaction can benefit from attending the conference. Hubspot’s INBOUND event covers topics related to customer engagement, loyalty programs, customer feedback, and customer support.

⭐Agency professionals: marketing agencies, advertising agencies, and consulting firms that work with clients on inbound marketing campaigns can gain valuable insights and networking opportunities at the conference. The event provides a platform to learn about new tools, technologies, and strategies to enhance client services.

⭐Entrepreneurs and startups: founders of startups, small businesses, and growing companies looking to scale their marketing efforts and drive customer acquisition. The conference offers practical tips, case studies, and success stories that can inspire and guide entrepreneurs on their journey.


Featured Speakers and Sessions

  1. Serena Williams, Founder of Serena Ventures: From center court to venture capital
  2. HubSpot leaders Yamini Rangan, CEO, Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO, and Andy Pitre, EVP: HubSpot spotlight
  3. Ryan Reynolds, actor, producer, and entrepreneur: Giving maximum effort
  4. Cynthia Barnes, LinkedIn Top Voice, 3x Salesforce Influencer: Women sell better: boosting sales with diversity, Debate: evolution of sales tactics—modern era adaption

Check out a full list of all 54 speakers of INBOUND and choose the ones that are the most interesting for you.


How To Get the Most Out of Your INBOUND Experience

Here are some tips to maximize your experience at HubSpot's INBOUND conference:

✔️Register early and choose your tracks: spots for popular sessions fill up fast, so secure yours beforehand. Look at the agenda ahead of time and plan which sessions, workshops, and keynotes you want to attend to make the most of your time at INBOUND.

✔️Download the INBOUND app: the app will have the full agenda, speaker information, and venue maps at your fingertips. What’s more, it allows you to save your seat for capacity-capped sessions and connect and network with other attendees.

✔️Network and communicate: INBOUND offers ample opportunities to connect with fellow marketers. Attend networking events, strike up conversations with people in your sessions, and exchange contact information.

✔️Focus on learning: come prepared to learn. Take notes during sessions and be sure to attend talks by industry leaders and HubSpot experts.

✔️Follow up: after INBOUND, follow up with the people you met and connect on LinkedIn to maintain the connections you made.


Useful Resources from HubSpot

HubSpot provides year-round news, trends, and inspiration, related to the INBOUND event on their blog. Check out some of the recent ones:

See you at INBOUND!


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