How FlippingBook Improves Internal Communications for a Transportation Company

With FlippingBook, it’s easy to create employee newsletters accessible on any device.

Marketing Operations Specialist

Industry: Transportation

Product used: FlippingBook Online


One of our clients is a trucking Company, founded more than 50 years ago in North America. In this time, it has grown from a small business of fewer than 20 employees and twice as many trucks into an enterprise with a fleet of over 6,000 vehicles and 3,500 employees and contractors. The Company offers a wide range of truckload, warehousing, and logistics services to its customers throughout the region. 



The Company’s marketing department creates an internal newsletter once every two months to connect with their many employees. Via the newsletter, the Company informs their workers of the latest industry news and the Company’s achievements, talks about customer relationship and safety on the road, advertises open positions, and celebrates the drivers who have reached certain milestones. All in all, the newsletter covers a lot of ground. The goal is to keep it interesting and relevant for a rather large readership.

We send the newsletter to everybody in the company: all the departments, all the drivers. It’s a big reader base.

The Company used to produce the newsletter in print and then put it on their employees’ desks or drop it in the drivers’ mailboxes. However, there was no way to determine if people actually read the printed newsletter—the Company just hoped that they did. And while it was nice for the employees to have something to read and take home with them, high printing and shipping costs, as well as the inability to analyze their newsletter’s performance, led the Marketing Department of the Company to look for an alternate publishing solution on the Web.



A search for the best way to publish their newsletter online led the Company to FlippingBook. Already during the trial, they used FlippingBook’s built-in stats to analyze how many employees were reading the newsletter in the new online format. 

We’re interested in the views, the visitors, the amount of time spent in the whole document, and also in finding out how much average time is spent on each page.

As long as the employees and the drivers were informed about the online newsletter, they could easily access it and look through it on the go. So, to keep their staff posted, the Company sent out memos to their drivers and added a link to the newsletter on their Intranet. Thus, FlippingBook allowed the Company to take a step back from printing and focus on the new format instead. 



The Company keeps its employees connected to each other and to the business with its internal newsletters. Each one is normally twelve pages long, enriched with pictures, videos, and articles as well as a clickable logo leading to the Company’s website. The Company also adds a skippable lead form to each newsletter as an additional instrument for analytics.

Since moving the newsletter online, the marketing team has managed to reduce printing costs and distribute the document with ease. Now all 3,500 employees and drivers can access and read the newsletter anywhere—both on their desktops and on their phones, at home or on the road. 

Online is the way the world is going. Everybody has their phones on them, so FlippingBook is an easy way to take your newsletter with you.

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most businesses were put on hold or went remote, people have been feeling more disconnected from their communities than ever before. Does your company help its employees stay involved and engaged with an easy-to-access internal newsletter?

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