Professional look and feel makes people act on your content

FlippingBook will help you convert PDFs to professional online documents that have the power to inspire and engage. Your content will be accessible and look good on any screen, driving more people to view it and act on it.

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Seamless experience in web

Give the best experience with your content everywhere

Wherever people stumble upon your document – on your website or Facebook, using a desktop or a mobile device – they will be able to view your PDF as a fast-loading and engaging online document tailored for them.

Seamless experience in web

On website

Embed your PDF document right into the web page, so people can view it without downloading any extra files. No need for special PDF viewers.

On mobile devices

On mobile devices – Documents open in a browser in two seconds, so you don’t have to worry about what device people use to see your documents.

Beautiful design

Clear design to drive attention and engage

PDF isn’t the most attractive format ever. Convert your documents into flipbooks to give them a nice and clear design. It will help you catch your visitor’s eye and better engage them into the content. With FlippingBook good design is available to everybody.

Beautiful design

24 Ready Skins

for those who’d like to trust their document’s look to professionals.

Beautiful design

Powerful Design Customization

for those who want to set their own colors and backgrounds.


Introduce yourself right away

Branding will help your readers quickly identify the author of the flipbook and contact you, no matter where they’ve come across your document.

  • While the flipbook is loading, your readers will see your logo on the preloader screen.

  • While they are reading the document, the logo on the background and your corporate colors will remind them whose document it is.

  • When they want to contact you, there’s a special Copyright button with the link to your website.


Fonts and vector texts

We’ll detect fonts and vector texts in your original PDF and carry them over into the final flipbook to save the original content’s quality and design.

Custom button captions

Change or translate texts on any menu buttons and tooltips to help your readers with navigation around the document.

Simple WordPress embedding

If you have a website or blog on WordPress, there’s a special plugin that lets you embed publications in your posts in a matter of seconds.

Convert your PDF into an interactive document now

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Our products

You can convert your PDF to a professional-looking flipbook with our browser-based tool or desktop software. Simply choose the one that works best for you.

FlippingBook Online
Just upload a PDF and get a ready flipbook in a few clicks. FlippingBook Online doesn’t require installation and contains all the necessary features for creating engaging online documents with neat design and branding.
FlippingBook Publisher
Our desktop publishing software for Windows gives you more freedom to customize a flipbook to your liking and achieve that professional look. You can also host flipbooks on your own server.
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