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Turn a PDF into a link! Convert your PDF into an online flipbook and share the link to it via messengers, email, or social media.

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Create a link to a PDF for easy sharing

Leave bulky PDF attachments in the past where they belong. With FlippingBook software and an in-browser tool, you can convert your PDF to an HTML5 flipbook with a page turn effect and share it as a link anywhere! Send it, post it, embed it, track it—you can do all of this and more. And your PDFs have never been more eye-catching and interactive!

How to convert PDF into URL with FlippingBook

You can create a link for a PDF in just a few clicks via our professional PDF-to-link converter.

  • 1

    Upload your PDF document to FlippingBook. The conversion to HTML5 will take 1-2 minutes. When it’s done, you can copy the link to the flipbook right away but we recommend customizing it first.

  • 2

    To make your PDF stand out, highlight its content with our branding and customization options. You can choose one of 24 colorful background skins, add a clickable logo and favicon.

  • 3

    Brand the link to your digital flipbook as well! Instead of a link on our default domain online.flippingbook.com, you’ll have an instantly recognizable custom domain, e.g. catalogs.your-brand.org.

  • 4

    Add videos, links, surveys, GIFs, pop-up and inline images, and more for a more engaging viewer experience. Converted into a link, your PDF reaches the next level with superior interactivity.

  • 5

    Now that your flipbook is fully customized, copy the link to the PDF and share it—email it, send it via a messenger, post it on social media, and more. You can also track viewers’ interactions with your PDF.

How to share PDF as a link? Any way you want!

Turning a PDF into a link is just the beginning. Share it with the world!

  • Email


    Email links to your PDFs and you won’t have to think of email attachment limits again.

  • Messenger


    Share the link via WhatsApp with a nice auto-generated preview of your flipbook attached.

  • Social media

    Social media

    Expand your outreach by posting your PDF link with a preview on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Website embedding

    Website embedding

    Embed your flipbook right into a website. With sharing disabled, no one will be able to copy your link.

  • QR codes

    QR codes

    Promote your PDF offline with a QR code placed anywhere. People will only need to scan it to follow your link.

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Beyond the links

Link statistics Link statistics

Link statistics

You don’t have to guess how well your PDFs have done. FlippingBook’s advanced analytics will tell you everything you need to know about your PDF link. This way, you can evaluate your content performance efficiently, from views and viewers to the time spent on each page.

Mobile experience

FlippingBook PDF-to-link converter guarantees that when clicking the link to your PDF, your reader has the best viewing experience, on any device and any screen. Instead of endless scrolling, they enjoy intuitive navigation with an interactive table of contents and thumbnails.

Mobile experience Mobile experience

Turn your PDFs into links and share away!

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