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Our current and potential clients often ask us if we have FlippingBook Publisher for Mac. We’ve got an answer for you: FlippingBook Publisher is for Windows only but we have another great alternative to offer—FlippingBook Online. It’s a web-based tool that is 100% Mac compatible. Plus it works perfectly on Windows PC, iOs and Android tablets and phones, and in all popular browsers without any need for installation. 

If your heart is still set on FlipppingBook Publisher and you have a tech-savvy team, you can use such virtualization tools as Parallels to install Windows on your Mac.

But first, let’s see how you can use FlippingBook Online to create powerful flipbooks step-by-step. And then you can decide what suits you best.


#1 Upload PDF to FlippingBook Online

All you need to do is to open a browser, go to Flippingbook.com, create a new account or simply log in with your Google account. You don’t need to leave your card details, just choose the free trial and you’ll be instantly redirected to your account. 

Once there, simply upload the PDF you want to convert, and FlippingBook Online will do the rest. In a few minutes, you get a ready, professional-looking flipbook to share with the world. 

See for yourself! Check out this beautiful flipbook.

Tresures of Bangkok Brochure

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If you don’t have a ready PDF yet, we’ve gathered a list of useful tools to help with this task. 


#2 Customize Your Flipbook

If you want to customize your flipbook a bit more to match your brand, you can do it easily—FlippingBook Online has all the needed settings that are right at hand when you need them. There are many opportunities to empower your content:

Design and branding

You can design a beautiful flipbook that will grab your readers’ attention right from the start. Choose a color palette and a background that will match your brand colors perfectly. Add a favicon and a clickable logo so that your customers recognize you and go to your website in no time.

Our flip book maker for Mac offers you a gallery of professionally designed background templates—you’re sure to find the one that complements your content. And if you’d rather upload your own background, you can do that too.


Instead of making a simple PDF with texts and images, you can convert PDF to a flipbook with a unique interactive experience. Add videos to enrich your content and insert links to your website, blog, and other helpful resources. Include GIFs and pop-up or inline images to make your digital documents compelling and pleasant to the eye.

Look how great an embedded video can look in a flipbook. It engages and provides useful information at the same time.

Swansea University Prospectus

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#3 Share Your Flipbook

When everything is ready, you can share your digital content across all your marketing and sales channels. Our flipbook creator for Mac offers you various options to distribute your content efficiently.

Direct link

The simplest way to share your flipbook is via a direct link. Copy the link and send it to everyone you need via email or messengers. Your readers won’t have to download anything. One click—and they have instant access to your digital document.

Website embed

Weave your online documents right into your webpage, creating a seamless viewing experience. It’s simple: just insert a short smart code to embed the whole document or a specific page.

Social media

You can post your flipbook to any social media platform. Your documents will have a beautiful preview that will look neat and fresh on the newsfeed, people will love to engage with your content on social media.


Generate a QR-code to your documents via our flip book maker for Mac, add it to your website, printed menus, or in-store catalogs. Your customers will simply scan it to access your document. This guarantees a safe, hands-free way to open and read documents, your readers will appreciate that you care about them.


Boost Your Sales and Marketing Materials

Our flipbook software for Mac allows you to empower your content and use it to achieve your business goals. 

Trackable links

Create and email trackable links to the same flipbook to see how each lead interacts with it. Real-time open notifications and stats on recipient actions will help your sales team qualify leads for timely follow-ups and efficient sales.

Document analytics

Track the number of people and total views your marketing and sales materials drive, what parts of your document are the most engaging, and how much time your readers spend reading your flipbook. Knowing how people engage with your content helps you improve and empower it.

Lead analytics

Add a customizable lead capture form that will help you collect leads right within your document. You can choose from the options we offer (email, name, phone number, company name, country) or set your own. This way, you will gather all the essential data about your leads and contact them at the right time.

💡According to our research, 90% of emails submitted through the FlippingBook Online lead capture form are valid. Thus, you get high-quality leads right from your flipbook!

That’s it! Now you know that FlippingBook Online is a flipbook creator for Mac that gives you many great opportunities to make powerful content. 

Start creating your flipbooks for Mac right away


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