Top 21 Digital Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2024

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

In the digital marketing landscape, change is the only constant. The rise of generative AI tools, sudden updates in Google's algorithms, dynamic content formats, and the ever-evolving customer behavior are just a few aspects that specialists need to monitor at all times. The easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of online marketing is to attend conferences—to seek out new strategies and useful connections.

Marketing conferences provide ample opportunities to network with industry experts and peers, share challenges and insights, participate in workshops, and stay informed of the latest trends. Whether you're looking for an event to attend solo or plan to bring along your whole team, we've got you covered: with a list of the best digital marketing conferences of 2024.

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How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Conference

Before we dive in, take a look at our quick cheat sheet that will help you choose a conference that aligns with your needs and expectations:

☑️ Define your goal. Understanding your objectives will help you narrow down the options. Looking to learn new skills? Research conferences that offer workshops or hands-on training sessions. Want to network with industry professionals? Pay attention to panel discussions and social events that encourage informal interactions. Hoping to promote your business? Seek out forums with sponsorship packages or speaking opportunities.

☑️ Consider location and budget. Decide if you are willing to travel for a summit, prefer to attend an event closer to home, or want to find an online marketing conference to watch from the comfort of your office. Consider whether your budget stretches over travel costs, accommodation expenses, and registration fees.

☑️ Read reviews and testimonials. Browse through reviews or social media mentions for the conference to get a glimpse of past attendees' experiences. Positive feedback about the quality of content, smooth organization, and presentation value can help you make the final decision.

☑️ Evaluate speakers. If you follow specific marketing professionals from your industry, it makes sense to search for their names on the agenda. However, while star presenters might seem like your number one choice, don't overlook the speakers who aren't as famous or active on social media. These lesser-known specialists may challenge conventional thinking, provide a fresh perspective, and share niche expertise that is just as valuable.

☑️ Plan ahead. Many digital marketing conferences offer early registration discounts. So it makes sense to plan your calendar for the year ahead, and book the desired events in advance. You'll also have enough time to get the conference budget approved and book all the accommodations if the conference is in a distant location.


21 Best Digital Marketing Conferences (2024)

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

The conferences are arranged in calendar order, starting with January and continuing through December 2024. We hope you're able to find the right one for you!


#1 Lead Generation World

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

📅 Date: January 7–9, 2024
📍 Location: Hollywood, FL
📋 Main agenda: Lead generation, conversion marketing
💸 Registration fees: From $295 to $645 USD pre-show, $1,345 USD onsite
#️⃣ Social media presence: #leadgenerationworld
Who should attend: Any marketer involved in lead gen or those looking to buy leads

To kick the year off, Lead Generation World will welcome lead generators, performance marketers, and service providers from all over the world in Florida, US. The conference is essentially a large exhibit hall situated in the iconic Hard Rock Hotel. Participants will immerse themselves in the topic of lead generation for three days filled with presentations, VIP networking events, sessions, and keynote speeches. To become a sponsor and build your brand awareness across the industry, apply for a booth on the event website.


#2 Social Media Marketing World

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

📅 Date: February 18–20, 2024
📍 Location: San Diego, CA and online
📋 Main agenda: Organic social, paid social, and marketing strategies
💸 Registration fees: From $297 to $1,997 USD, depending on the package
👀 Something extra: A call script and an email to get buy-in from your boss
Who should attend: SMM specialists

In February, thousands of marketers will gather at the Convention Center in sunny San Diego to attend the Social Media Marketing World conference—and more people will join to watch the event online. Keynote speakers plan to cover topics such as generative AI, social listening, influencer marketing, and short-form video strategies. The price for an all-access ticket can seem steep, but you'll get to stay for an extra day of workshops on top of all the sessions, and join a VIP networking party.


#3 Chief Marketing Officer Summit

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

📅 Date: March 13, 2024
📍 Location: New York City, NY
🗓 Other ‘24 events: September—San Francisco, December—London
📋 Main agenda: Marketing strategies and trends
💸 Registration fees: Free, invite-only
Who should attend: Marketers in senior management: CMOs, VPs, directors

The CMO Summit is a premium, invite-only conference for leading marketing executives. The schedule includes keynote presentations and interactive sessions that cover team management strategies, real-life case studies for using AI, and ways to reduce customer acquisition costs. Since most of the participants are vetted to come from companies with 200+ employees or an annual revenue of $50M+, you can expect networking with speakers and peers to be quite fruitful. You may also apply to become a sponsor, or request a paid ticket if you don't meet the entrance criteria yet.


#4 LeadsCon

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

📅 Date: April 8–10, 2024
📍 Location: Las Vegas, NV
📋 Main agenda: Conversion marketing
💸 Registration fees: From $499 USD
#️⃣ Social media presence: #leadscon
Who should attend: Marketers or service providers in lead generation

Held at the Paris Hotel & Casino, LeadsCon is the largest event of the year for the conversion marketing industry—with over 3,000 participants gathered in the world's biggest exhibit hall. It's not just about the quantity, though: most past attendees mention the high quality of new connections and business opportunities. The roster will include roundtables, meetups, and industry-based group discussions. And while you're in Vegas, you might as well party a little—one of the packages offers an After Dark pass with an admission to the city's top nightclubs.


#5 The MarTech Summit Asia

Digital Marketing Conferences 2024

📅 Date: April 23–24, 2024
📍 Location: Singapore, Singapore
📋 Main agenda: Marketing & technology
💸 Registration fees: From $995 USD
#️⃣ Social media presence: #martechasia
Who should attend: Marketers with an interest in data and technology

The MarTech Summit Asia is a solid choice from the selection of marketing conferences in 2024. The speaker list includes star presenters from Google, Unilever, MasterCard, Bayer, DHL, and other top-tier companies. The three main themes are marketing trends, customer experience through the prism of data analytics, and demand generation for the B2B sector. Sessions are divided between stages, so you may choose the panel discussions, fireside chats, or lectures that resonate with your case the most.

If you can't make it to Singapore, The MarTech Summit will also have conferences in Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin in 2024, as well as two virtual live-stream events.


#6 Gartner Marketing Symposium

Digital Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: May 13–14, 2024
📍 Location: London, UK
🗓 Other ‘24 events: June–Denver, CO
📋 Main agenda: C-level digital marketing
💸 Registration fees: From €3,200 + VAT, group rate discounts available
Who should attend: CMOs and marketing leaders

Marketers know Gartner as a leading research provider and look to their insights on tech-related business topics. Their flagship symposium will dive deeper into the agency's findings: from the future of customer data to strategies for scaling operations to the commercial impact of brand stories. On top of lectures, participants may join roundtables, interactive group trainings, and one-on-one sessions with marketing experts. Technology vendors can apply for a turnkey booth in the exhibition hall to showcase their solutions.


#7 International Social Summit

Digital Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: May 15–16, 2024
📍 Location: Barcelona, Spain
📋 Main agenda: Social media marketing & audience engagement
🎤 Keynote speaker: Michael Corcoran, Frankly
💸 Registration fees: From €205 (group rate) to €245, €550 for the added workshop
Who should attend: Social media and digital marketing managers

At the International Social Summit, speakers from Hubspot, Ahrefs, SEMrush and such will cover themes like breaking into WeChat, building a community on social, and taking influencer marketing to an international level. You can also apply to speak, become a sponsor, or participate as a community partner. The conference itself is on May 16th, with a workshop held the day before. If you'd like to practice pitching and advocating for your social media campaigns, make sure to book early, as spots for the training are limited.


#8 CX Summit North America

Digital Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: June 17–20, 2024
📍 Location: Nashville, TN and online
🗓 Other ‘24 events: May–Sydney, June–London
📋 Main agenda: B2C marketing & customer experience
💸 Registration fees: From $2,795 to $4,095 USD, group discounts available
Who should attend: Digital business leaders & CX specialists

A leading customer experience conference by Forrester, the CX Summit North America will explore the fusion of humans and AI, and the challenges it creates for the traditional buyer journey. You can expect practical guidance on using analytics for decision-making, tips on technology to adopt, and strategies for designing interactive content and personalized customer experiences. The agenda includes keynote speakers from Forrester and a bright group of guest case study presenters. Digital access attendees will be able to watch the conference content on an online platform.


#9 Digital Marketing World Forum

Digital Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: June 25–26, 2024
📍 Location: London, UK
🗓 Other ‘24 events: September–New York, November–Amsterdam
📋 Main agenda: Content marketing, social media & data management, brand strategy
💸 Registration fees: From £649 to £999, early booking discounts apply
#️⃣ Social media presence: #DMWF
Who should attend: Marketers of all profiles

The DMWF marketing conference of 2024 will run in 10 major tracks, including creator marketing, AI automation, mobile advertising, digital transformation, and email strategy. Many talks are scheduled in parallel, so you will have to choose the most relevant presentations for you. The event will welcome 2,500+ attendees, 120+ speakers, and 130+ exhibition booths at the Olympia National. Participants can access a dedicated networking app for new connections and partnerships. To save on your tickets, book them in advance.


#10 DigiMarCon America

Digital Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: July 1–2, 2024
📍 Location: Washington, D.C. and online
📋 Main agenda: Digital, mobile, and social media marketing
💸 Registration fees: From $147 to $1,097 USD, various discounts available
#️⃣ Social media presence: #digimarcon
Who should attend: Marketing executives and business owners

DigiMarCon offers a number of events throughout 2024 in all parts of the world: US, Canada, South Africa, UK, Japan, India, and New Zealand. In July, the conference will come to Washington—with keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and interactive workshops held at the Park Hyatt Hotel. The virtual pass includes live stream access to two full days of lectures and masterclasses, and a year to watch all the recordings on demand. To name a few themes that spark interest, participants will learn about programmatic advertising, conversational marketing, and social commerce.


#11 Affiliate Summit East

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: July 29–30, 2024
📍 Location: New York, NY
📋 Main agenda: Affiliate marketing
💸 Registration fees: From $499 to $1,199 USD
#️⃣ Social media presence: #ASE24
Who should visit: Partnership and affiliate marketers

The Affiliate Summit East is a must-visit digital marketing conference in 2024 for affiliates, publishers, and media buyers. 3,500 attendees will gather for 60+ content sessions on influencer growth, lead tracking, and ecommerce strategies. You can also attend three advanced-level workshops on site, paid for separately—an advertiser's crash course, an intro to predictive modeling, and cost-effective strategies for outreach and optimization. Networking will take place during designated Meet Ups, and attendees may even join a running club to connect while jogging around New York.


#12 Digital Summit

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: August 14–15, 2024
📍 Location: Minneapolis, MN
📋 Main agenda: Digital marketing trends and strategies
🎤 Keynote speaker: Jenny Haggard, Spotify
💸 Registration fees: From $395 to $795 USD, early bird discounts apply
Who should visit: Marketers of all profiles

With 5,000 digital marketing professionals attending last year, Digital Summit comes back to Minneapolis this August. Other 2024 cities and dates include Orlando in February, Kansas City in May, Dallas in December, and more US locations throughout the year. Participants will enjoy lectures on lead gen, viral branding, email engagement, and keyword research, as well as several dedicated networking breaks. With a premium or a VIP pass, you'll also get to visit a three-hour training workshop prior to the general conference.


#13 State of Social

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: August 27–28, 2024
📍 Location: Perth, Australia
📋 Main agenda: Social media and digital marketing trends
💸 Registration fees: From $565 (+GST—the goods and service tax)
#️⃣ Social media presence: #StateofSocial24
Who should visit: SMM specialists

State of Social is a digital marketing conference with a focus on online branding, storytelling, content creation, and conversion. Over 20 hours of keynotes, breakout sessions, and practical workshops will take place at Optus Stadium. The full agenda is still a work in progress, yet, you can expect notable topics that go beyond hard skills: for instance, avoiding burnout, navigating conflict, and ensuring online safety and data privacy. You can also apply to be a sponsor on the event website.


#14 Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: September 18–19, 2024
📍 Location: Cologne, Germany
📋 Main agenda: Digital marketing and technology
💸 Registration fees: From €45 for early birds to €219
#️⃣ Social media presence: #DMEXCO
Who should visit: Marketers and agencies with an interest in tech

The sessions at the DMEXCO event are divided between several stages: there are ecommerce, media, and agency corners, one for Google masterclasses, one for tech-related topics, and more. Some talks are in German, but most will be in English. You can download the dedicated DMEXCO app and bookmark the most exciting lectures in advance to create your personal conference agenda. An expo with planned spots for 650 partner companies will give vendors the opportunity to showcase their solutions, and visitors—to find the next winning business tool.

Another September 2024 highlight is the marketing conference by HubSpot in Boston, MA. Read more in our dedicated post: HubSpot's INBOUND


#15 Content Marketing World

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: October 21–23, 2024
📍 Location: San Diego, CA
📋 Main agenda: Content creation, strategy, and ROI
💸 Registration fees: $899 USD for the digital pass, from $1,999 to $2,999 USD on site
#️⃣ Social media presence: #CMWorld
Who should visit: Content marketers and creators

The Content Marketing World conference held annually in San Diego covers every aspect of content marketing, from demand generation and visual storytelling to search engine optimization and content operations. The event will run in tracks, so you can tailor your schedule to attend the most relevant workshops and sessions live—and watch the rest in recording. All activities are divided by audience level: a core concept workshop for beginners, several masterclasses for intermediate listeners, and advanced marketing writing, content data mapping, and customer centricity practices for pros.

The conference has also prepared a handy checklist for sponsors and exhibitors on how to make the most of your partnership:

Content Marketing World Conference Sponsor Kit

Have a PDF to turn into a digital document like this?


#16 ANA Masters of Marketing Conference

 Marketing Conference 2024

📅 Date: October 22–25, 2024
📍 Location: Orlando, FL and online
📋 Main agenda: Creative thinking and growth strategies
💸 Registration fees: From $1,899 to $3,299 USD
👀 Something extra: Sports tournaments for networking
Who should visit: ANA members and those interested to join

ANA stands for the Association of National Advertisers, a trade association for specialists from the United States. The organization will be hosting the Masters of Marketing Conference in October. Event agenda covers topics such as talent management, society and sustainability, data and media, and brand growth. The first two days of the conference are in-person only, while the other sessions are open to online participants. Registrants may also sign up for a golf or pickleball tournament.


#17 Ahrefs Evolve

 Marketing Conferences

📅 Date: October 24–25, 2024
📍 Location: Singapore
📋 Main agenda: Search engine optimization strategies and insights
💸 Registration fees: From $570 to $840 with early bird discounts
👀 Something extra: Exclusive networking event for VIP pass holders
Who should visit: SEO and digital marketing professionals

If you’ve ever done any SEO-related tasks in your marketing career, you must have heard of Ahrefs—an all-in-one tool for backlink analysis and keyword research. In October, the team behind it is hosting its inaugural conference called Ahrefs Evolve. 18 internationally acclaimed speakers will cover the latest trends in AI, video, and content SEO. The agenda also features intriguing talks on account-based marketing and performance branding. 500+ attendees will gather at the Pan Pacific Orchard to make the most of networking opportunities and sharpen their skills. In-person tickets won’t be available, so make sure to secure your spot in advance.


#18 AI for Marketers Summit

 Marketing Conferences

📅 Date: November 13–14, 2024
📍 Location: Online
📋 Main agenda: AI in marketing
💸 Registration fees: From $349 to $749 USD at the door, $199 for each workshop
👀 Something extra: Group discounts for teams upon request
Who should visit: Marketers that want to tackle AI

For anyone interested in technology, the AI for Marketers Summit is the digital conference to be. The agenda is still a work in progress, but speakers from Meta and Adobe are already confirmed, along with topics like customer journey automation, compliance in AI marketing, and ChatGPT prompting techniques. You can watch the conference as a live broadcast or revisit recordings for six months after the event. Optional pre-summit workshops take place on November 12, for an additional price. You still have time for an application to sponsor or speak.


#19 Product Marketing Summit

 Marketing Conferences

📅 Date: November 20–21, 2024
📍 Location: Toronto, Canada and online
📋 Main agenda: Product marketing for B2B and B2C
💸 Registration fees: From C$1,295 to C$2,699
#️⃣ Social media presence: #productmarketingsummit
Who should visit: Product marketing managers, associates, and their teams

The Product Marketing Summit will come to Toronto in November, after a series of events in Amsterdam, Seattle, Paris, Los Angeles, and a number of other locations. Star speakers from Oracle, Microsoft, Airbase, and ADP will delve into metrics to track, strategies to scale, and automations to implement. Last year's attendees highlighted prime networking opportunities: marketers from all over the country bring in different perspectives, experiences, and case studies to discuss. You can also request to become a partner—last year's audience was more than 4,800 visitors, so the exposure must be significant.


#20 App Promotion Summit

 Marketing Conferences

📅 Date: December 5, 2024
📍 Location: Berlin, Germany
🗓 Other ‘24 events: April–London, June–New York, September–San Francisco
📋 Main agenda: App growth and marketing, user acquisition and engagement
💸 Registration fees: From €300 to €1,500 (+VAT—value added tax)
Who should visit: Mobile app marketers

The agenda for the 2024 App Promotion Summit in Berlin is still in the works, but attendees can expect diverse sessions covering the full app marketing funnel: from app store optimization to predictive analytics, PR and brand marketing, and UX and design. Hotel Adlon will also host 3 workshop rooms, 15 exhibition booths, and 10 networking tables for app engagement platforms and agencies to promote their solutions. Regular ticket sales end in August, so plan your visit in advance.


#21 Creator Conf

 Marketing Conferences

📅 Date: December 13–14, 2024
📍 Location: Online
📋 Main agenda: Content creation and monetization
💸 Registration fees: TBD, pre-registration open
#️⃣ Social media presence: #creatorconf
Who should visit: Content creators

To round off the roster of digital marketing conferences in 2024, Creator Conf will welcome 5,000 Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and streamers for an online-only event. Across four major tracks—content, growth, monetization, and future of creators—attendees will learn about in-depth analytics, cross-platform promotion, merchandise and product creation, and untapped platform hacks. To make new connections, you can join one-on-one chats or Q&A panels with speakers. All content will stream in the EST timezone, but replays will be available immediately.


Bonus: How to Get Noticed at Your Next Conference

At a digital marketing conference, the chances for networking are wide—but so is the competition for attention. With a pitch done right, you can make valuable connections and promote your business to new audiences. However, it all boils down to how you present yourself. First, you need to make a strong first impression—since you only get one, and it tends to stick. Second, you need to ensure that after your fellow marketer has met a hundred other people, they have something on hand to reinforce your image in their mind.

🤔 Could a business card suffice for the job? It might, but a flipbook offers benefits beyond just sharing contact information. Flipbooks are interactive digital publications made from PDFs: you can take your company presentation, personal portfolio, or even a Canva template and convert it into an online document in just a few minutes. You can then add branding on top to look business, and enhance the pages with engaging videos, GIFs, pop-up image galleries, or polls and surveys to show off your creative campaigns or projects.

The best part? Flipbooks are so easy to share—just send a direct link to your new connection. If they wish to look through it right away, the document will instantly open on their device, be it mobile or desktop. For post-conference communications, you can create an individual trackable link: to learn whether your acquaintance has opened the document and how exactly they interact with it. You'll be able to follow up at just the right moment—with a relevant offer or a simple reminder to give your accomplishments, projects, and unique value proposition a second look.

FlippingBook for Your Digital Documents

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