Сhristmas Catalogs: Inspiring Examples and Tips to Make the Most of Your Holiday Sales

We love the holiday season for its cherished traditions, like spending time with friends and family, cooking festive recipes, and decorating everything around with bright garlands. And of course, we can’t do without buying gifts, it’s also among the most popular traditional activities. 

That’s where Christmas catalogs and gift guides, the stars of holiday sales, come into play. They're a valuable and powerful marketing tool that offers a unique and memorable experience to customers. What’s more, catalogs give brands a wonderful opportunity to provide a specially curated content during the holiday season when consumers are looking for gifts and are ready to spend money.

To inspire you and show you how to make the best of your online Christmas catalogs, we've put together a few examples of the different ways our customers enhance their gift catalogs with the help of FlippingBook. 🎅🏽


#1 Christmas Catalog by ANDA Present Group

ANDA Present Group, which provides printing services in the promotional gift market, created a gorgeous online Christmas catalog and filled it with lots of interactive elements that helped convey the holiday spirit. 


Animated Cover

Christmas Catalog

When you open ANDA’s Christmas gifts catalog, the first thing you see is its animated cover. It attracts your attention right away because such covers are quite rare and they look fresh and exciting. You want to flip through the catalog to discover more.



Almost every page of ANDA’s Christmas gift catalog has a cute GIF that brightens up the mood and creates a light and festive atmosphere.

Christmas Catalog

GIFs are great for making your product seem even more engaging and lifelike to consumers than a standard image. You can draw customer attention to your best-selling items by simply setting each GIF to autoplay once the page is turned. See for yourself! Check out these GIFs of a cute Christmas reindeer and teddy bear.

Christmas Catalog

Visuals that present information in such an appealing way as GIFs do help to retain visitors and persuade them to convert. With interactive Christmas catalogs, client engagement during the holiday season will be off the charts. And sales, too.


Outbound Links

Christmas Catalog

When people shop for gifts, they need their experience to be convenient and fast. Plus, let’s not forget about last-minute shoppers that would be happy to have all the help they can get. Online catalogs allow you to link items in your catalog to the products in your online store, just like ANDA does in theirs. This way, people can simply click on the products they like and buy them right away. It will make your catalog very convenient to use and will sufficiently increase orders.


#2 Holiday Gift Guide by APISource

APISource, a full-service branded merchandise agency and e-commerce fulfillment company, made a bright and compelling online Christmas catalog and used many opportunities that interactive FlippingBook catalogs offer. 



API Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s nice to see how a product looks in real life, isn’t it? Knowing that, APISource added videos to its Christmas catalog to show off the products and make every page even more informative. Videos helped them add great value to the reading experience and create a festive mood.

💡 Don’t forget that FlippingBook allows you to fine-tune the icons that you put atop your videos, pop-up images, and GIFs—place the icons in the center or in any corner, or even delete them, and set a suitable size for your icons. 


Interactive Navigation

API Holiday Gift Guide

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If your catalog has many pages, sections, and chapters, then you can add an interactive table of contents and enable text search. APISource dedicated a whole spread to a table of contents and made it very convenient by linking to the relevant sections. Plus, people can search for certain words through the whole catalog and get to the pages that interest them. This way, your clients will be able to navigate easily around your Christmas catalog online and find the gifts they need no matter the size of the catalog.


#3 Christmas Catalog by Precious Moments Company

Precious Moments Company, an American catalog order company that sells giftware, created a lovely holiday catalog full of Christmas gifts for every taste and age.


Pop-up Images

Precious Moments Christmas Catalog

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Precious Moments made festive limited edition figurines the main focus of their Christmas gift catalog. And they added pop-up images to show all the items in detail. Pop-up images and galleries are perfect for gift guides with many items because your clients can click on an image to study it instead of zooming in. Plus, your readers can open the first pop-up and navigate through all the images within the page, slide, or double spread. Less effort for your customers, more sales for you.



Precious Moments Christmas Catalog

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The online Christmas catalog by Precious Moments has an atmospheric background and a corporate logo that complement each other nicely. In the rush of holiday gift buying, branding your catalogs helps you catch your readers' attention, raise your brand awareness, and keep consistency across all the marketing channels. So don't forget to use this chance and always brand your catalogs.


That’s it! We hope that the examples we’ve chosen will serve as a holiday inspiration for you, and you’ll create wonderful Christmas catalogs to boost sales and have a great holiday season!


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