Customer story: Moore & Giles

“FlippingBook allows us to make our publications instantly available whether it’s to a customer looking for a bag or for a salesperson trying to make a sale.”
Adam Underwood
Visual Designer at Moore & Giles
Customer story: Moore & Giles

How Moore & Giles Provides Instant Access to their Catalogs and Increases Sales with FlippingBook

Moore & Giles is a luxury leather company. Founded in 1933, during the Great Depression, it has long since become one of the best-known suppliers in the world and a forerunner in the development of new processes and leather making techniques. The company’s main profile is design and development of innovative and luxurious natural leathers for high-end hospitality, aviation, automobile industry, and residential interior design. Launched in 2007, Moore & Giles also produces premium quality leather bags, accessories, furniture, and home goods.

Challenge and Search for Solution

The Marketing team at Moore & Giles promotes both sides of the company’s business, high-profile leather trade and leather bags and accessories. Each side demands a very different approach to promotion.

With the bags side, more open to the general public, catalogs have always been the main tool of advertising. Usually, they are printed and sent by mail, up to 2.5 million copies a year. However, with the world gradually moving into the digital realm, there came a time for Moore & Giles to go onward, too.

Adam Underwood, Visual Designer at the company, and the whole Marketing team set their minds on a new objective—to find the best way to take their retail catalogs online.

Our goal was to make our catalog more available and accessible to our end customer as well as to make it easier to share with potential buyers.

The ideal digital catalog, as imagined by the team, had to be more than just pictures and brief product overviews. They wanted it to support links so that a potential customer could click on an item, go directly to the website, and place an order.

Another requirement was that such a catalog had to be easy to update. Every bag catalog by Moore & Giles was a constant work-in-progress, its content’s ever-changing. On average 40 pages each, they also took a long time to produce.

When it comes to a catalog, it’s all hands on deck. I think, as a team collectively, we put 250 hours in every catalog.

That’s why the perfect online solution had to allow quick updates without having to re-send files every time an item was added or removed.

As for the leather side of Moore & Giles, its promotion went primarily through face-to-face communication with people across a variety of industries, from aviation to residential interior design.

We have a pool of sales representatives who go out and sell leather directly to designers. We don’t make catalogs for the leather side. It’s more quick materials that sales reps can use to sell.

To successfully turn a prospect into a client, a sales rep should be able to make a quick presentation at any given moment. So it stood to reason that the materials they used had to be accessible and easy to navigate.

In search of a fitting digital format, the Marketing team tried a number of tools before turning to FlippingBook.

We tried Issuu in the past, and we found the usability and price of Flipping Book to be better.


In FlippingBook, the Marketing team at Moore & Giles found the solution they had been looking for: it answered all their needs.

Now they could add direct links to the catalogs, driving people back to their website. If a person got interested in a bag, one click on the item in the catalog would get them to the product page where they could make a purchase.

Being able to link in the catalog directly to the product page on our site was a huge selling feature for us.

As for sales representatives, FlippingBook guaranteed them swift navigation throughout documents of any length, and instant access to promo materials on any device. Those two advantages alone made an impromptu pitch to a prospect possible.

To have a catalog accessible at any time whether it’s on a computer, on a tablet, or even their phone can mean the difference between selling and not selling a product.


With FlippingBook, Moore & Giles has turned their catalogs into an important part of their email campaigns. They include a link to the previous catalog on FlippingBook in their welcome emails. That way, people see what kind of content they sign up for, and get familiar with the brand via a smart looking publication.

It’s really nice to be able to have a publication that people can view from their phones. For us, that’s the main use case for FlippingBook, and it’s great. We love it. We’ve been able to add another point of contact for our customer.

In addition to retail catalogs, FlippingBook has been useful for wholesale, too. Moore & Giles provides luxury stores with leathers and puts together a vendor catalog for them that’s updated pretty often. FlippingBook helps them to save on reprinting.

With FlippingBook, we were able to take the cost off. We just send the catalog and update it regularly as we add a new product to the line. I like that we can do that without changing the link. That way, they always have the right link. That’s a big plus for us.

FlippingBook has become an integral part of the workflow at Moore & Giles. With time, they hope to utilize all the features it offers but for now they’re happy with what they’ve already got.

FlippingBook gives us the flexibility and power that we need in an online publication tool. It’s been great for us, and it’s definitely a good purchase.

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