Customer story: Jansen Display Group

“We must educate the market, and FlippingBook is a big help in that. It enables us to create tailored information for each of our target groups.”
Roman Řípa
Roman Řípa
Business Development Manager at Jansen Display Group
Customer story: Jansen Display Group

How Jansen Display Group Educates their Customers about Digital Signage Using FlippingBook

Founded in 1995, Jansen Display Group (Jansen) designs and manufactures promotional display hardware and signage systems. Jansen is currently owned by an American company Sign-Zone, Inc. and is headquartered in Czech Republic. The company has offices across Europe and in the UK, with distributors in the US, Canada, and other countries.


Jansen’s main focus has always been communication at the point of sale: poster holders, pavement signs, illuminated displays. In addition to these traditional communication tools the company enriches its portfolio with digital signage products. Their digital posters are screens in appropriate closures or holders. They’re installed in stores, shopping malls, airports, hotels as well as at company receptions, warehouses, production or town halls.

With digital signage being such a fast developing market, it’s critical for Jansen to be able to inform current and potential customers about their solutions. The company creates a great variety of documents for that purpose: from one-pagers with product descriptions to 200 page catalogs. Initially, Jansen simply provided PDF documents to their clients.

When we prepare PDF catalogs or brochures, it costs us a lot of mandays and money. It’s crucial to let them be really used.

Making sure that the end users were well educated about the solutions Jansen offered simply wasn’t possible with plain PDFs. The format wasn’t neat enough to spike interest. Plus, the company wanted to display the information on their website, but storing multiple PDFs there was inconvenient. Jansen decided to look for an online tool for their content.

Large PDF files aren’t easy to access and share. You cannot lead customers to a particular page in email communication while discussing possible solutions. Also, some clients prefer to access the documents online rather than download or receive them as large email attachments.


The company researched different digital publishing tools, comparing prices and the quality of the end products. FlippingBook Online was the clear choice for them: it made their documents and brochures come to life.

Digital publications created with FlippingBook replaced PDFs on Jansen’s website. Now any catalog, manual, or product sheet were comfortable to view with a smooth page flip effect. Plus, they were accessible as direct links on any device, so customers and prospects didn’t have to download anything.

FlippingBook is important to us because the world is moving online, so we want to have information easily accessible on whatever device you can imagine.

Roman Řípa, Business Development Manager at Jansen, also enjoyed how easy it was to revise the documents published with FlippingBook. As new information about digital signage emerged, Roman could simply update the content, without breaking publication links.

I learn something new about the market during almost every interaction with a customer, partner, or supplier. It takes just seconds to update relevant content in FlippingBook publications. If you share your knowledge quickly, you move forward quickly. It’s crucial for your success in any fast developing market.

Jansen also realized that FlippingBook streamlined content preparation for their digital posters at fairs, exhibitions, customer events, or showrooms. Any B2B company could use interactive touch totems or kiosks from Jansen’s portfolio and display complete product catalogs published via FlippingBook. This way, both the customers and the salespeople could access information about any product right at the booth or showroom. If used well, it could have dramatic results.

Having the right content available at our booth allows us to discuss our customers’ needs and show them suitable solutions immediately. And if they share links from the digital posters to their mobiles, we can target them with relevant information after the event to move them forward in buying decisions.


FlippingBook lets Jansen deal with several important problems. The company now displays their documents on the web in a convenient format. Anyone can instantly access the information they provide as soon as it’s available online.

For Jansen, the web is an information hub. And FlippingBook allows them to solve one of the most vital tasks at hand: educating the end users and the market about digital signage. Account managers can deliver information in email campaigns or share it with their clients and prospects online as direct links.

As an additional bonus, displaying FlippingBook publications on Jansen’s digital posters further increases the value provided to the customers. It’s an unexpected but valuable synergy.

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