FlippingBook is the G2 Spring Leader

Thanks to your amazing reviews and support, this spring we’ve got recognized as the industry leader on G2 once again!

We’re proud to be named #1 Leader in the Flipbook Software category on the Spring 2022 report, scoring 91 in User Satisfaction.

But that’s not all! FlippingBook has received 8 badges in total, and we’d like to tell a few words about the ones we find the most exciting.


Leader Small Business

Companies awarded with this badge are rated highly by the users for the experience with the business and its products. It shows that people enjoy the FlippingBook features and updates, and find us trustworthy.

'Easy to use, hands-on support, great product, very reliable!'

Marcel P, Business Owner

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Easiest to Do Business with

This badge means that our users love to do business with us and note how easy it is to talk with our sales reps and find the product options that suit their needs.

'FlippingBook is the most complete and user-friendly program to digitize publications.'

Caros J S, Publication’s Coordinator

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Best Support

Good support has always been the focus of FlippingBook. It is really important for us to deal with our users’ issues swiftly and efficiently. To ensure that, our support team is available via phone, email, and chat 24/5 with some availability on weekends as well. 


Easiest Admin

FlippingBook is designed to have a zero learning curve so that anyone could create a digital document in minutes right from the start. That’s why this badge holds a special place in our hearts!


Users Love Us

G2 awards companies this badge when they pass the 20 reviews mark—and we have 113! Thank you all for taking the time to share your opinions on working with FlippingBook. We read all of them, as it is really important for us to know what we do well and what could be improved. 

‘I love FlippingBook!’

Alexa M, Development Director

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We are extremely happy to receive these badges because they reflect everything we stand for—creating powerful, easy-to-use products and having trustful relationships with our users. Your feedback proves that we succeed in conveying our values, so we couldn’t be more excited. Thank you! We’ll keep up the good work and will make FlippingBook even better for you. 

Want to share your experience with FlippingBook? Write a review on G2 to let us know what you think! Your genuine feedback helps us improve our products and services for you every day.


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