Options for your FlippingBook Publisher license

To make sure that you use the product that best suits your needs, without paying for things that you don’t use, there are several choices that you can make. We will explain them below:


Which edition?

We offer two editions of FlippingBook Publisher: Professional and Business. The edition determines which functionality is available to you. The main differences between the two are that with Business Edition you can:

  • completely remove all mentions of our company (‘white-label’ your publications),
  • password-protect your publications on FlippingBook Cloud, and
  • create offline publications that work without internet connection.

For a detailed overview of all features, see our pricing page https://flippingbook.com/order 

If you want to use features that are not available in your current edition, then you can upgrade to a higher edition in your online account. 


Support and Updates

With every purchase, you get support and updates for free for one year. Support and updates means that you get:

  • Full support for all your questions and assistance with technical problems. If you encounter any issues, our support team will do what they can to solve them as quickly as possible. (Without Support and Updates, you will only receive limited support. This means that we will help you with any problems related to: correctly installing/starting the software, importing a basic PDF, and generating the files to upload. You are not entitled to further assistance.).
  • Software updates: We release regular software updates to support the latest technology changes, along with stability issues, bug fixes and performance improvements. This ensures that both mobile and desktop publications will work well on the latest devices and browsers. Without the latest updates, we cannot guarantee that.
  • New features are added and released 3-4 times per year. Without Support and Updates, you will not be able to take advantage off them.

On how many computers will you use the software?

By default, Flippingbook Publisher can be used by one user, on one computer. If you want to use the software on multiple computers, or with multiple users, then you can buy additional users. This is much cheaper than buying a new license for a second or third user.

If you want to use the software on your desktop-PC AND your laptop, then this will count as two computers, despite the fact that you are the only user. Every additional computer that you buy, also gives you the possibility to create an additional subuser, with his own login and password. Read more about working in Publisher with several users.


Cloud-hosting or self-hosting your publications?

After you have created your publications, you will need to upload them somewhere, so your audience can use them. You can either upload to your own server, or use FlippingBook Cloud. You can upload as many publications as you want to your own server. If you decide to use our Cloud, then by default you can upload 3 publications at the same time (so if you want to upload a fourth publication, you will need to delete an old publication first). If you want more publications to be online at the same time, you can switch to ‘Unlimited cloud’.


What are the prices and how can I order?

Prices depend on your currency and edition. Please check our full pricing plan. Here you will also find information on how to order these upgrades.



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