Is Unlimited Cloud really unlimited?

No, Unlimited Cloud is not literally unlimited. But in practice, this is the case for 99,9% of our clients. The number of flipbooks that you can upload to FlippingBook Cloud and the number of views that they can get is very high. We also don’t have any hard limits in place. So if you have a one-time promotion that attracts a lot of visitors, we won’t all of a sudden block your flipbook because a certain threshold has been reached.

However, if you make flipbooks for nationwide B2C promotions and release a new brochure every week, then this can attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, week after week. That requires additional resources from us and our servers to keep your content up and running. If this occurs, we will contact you to find a suitable solution: we may for example ask you to upgrade to a more expensive plan or to stay on the current plan but host your content on your own server.

If you are worried that you may end up in such a situation, then please contact us. As said, almost nobody reaches these limits. We’re talking about situations where you would have thousands of flipbooks, or situations where your flipbooks would generate millions of page views. But we will be happy to take a closer look at your unique situation and advise.

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