FlippingBook Online Update: Say Hello to the Geolocation Stats

FlippingBook analytics consistently provide valuable insights into your flipbooks' performance. And today we're very excited to introduce a new dimension to these insights—meet the Geolocation stats! Let's explore what they offer.


From now on, you can learn where the readers of your content come from and see what country, region, or city delivers the most traffic. Geolocation is available in FlippingBook Online Advanced, Team, and Enterprise plans.

What’s more, if you click on the country, you can see what regions/states of this country drive the most traffic.

And if you click on the region/state, you can learn what cities your audience comes from. 


💡Geolocation metrics offer a comprehensive analysis of your audience's geography, broken down by visitors and views. This valuable data enables you to tailor your content to your specific readers, their interests, and time zones.

For instance, if you notice that you have many visitors from France, consider translating some of your flipbooks into French or covering more local French news and culture. You can also time your marketing campaigns to the French holidays and have more engagement and views. Plus, you run targeted advertising across the regions of France where your audience actually is.

Or if you learn that most traffic comes from the USA, schedule your email campaigns according to the American time zones. Thus, your newsletters are likely to achieve higher open rates and more clicks, bringing you new leads and clients.

💙Tracking and analyzing how your flipbooks perform allows you to see what your readers love about your content and enhance it to make it even more powerful. Read our article about all the Stats you can track and how to use them to the fullest or watch our video!

Go to your account, open View Stats, and check out the Geolocation info right away! 

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