How FlippingBook Helps Schréder Lead the Way to a Sustainable Future

Empowering our clients to deliver an excellent reading experience to their customers, become leaders in the industry, and commit to greater causes is what we have at heart when developing FlippingBook products.

In our recent blog post, we’ve shared the inspiring journeys of two clients who have embraced eco-friendly practices and made a positive impact on the environment with the support of FlippingBook. 💚

As June brings a focus on environmental awareness with Great Outdoor Month, World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, and World Rainforest Day, we’re excited to share a new green story with you. Meet our client Schréder, an outdoor lighting solution provider that revolutionizes the industry and lights the way to a sustainable tomorrow. 


Shining a Light on Schréder's Sustainable Journey with FlippingBook

As a leading independent outdoor lighting solution provider, Schréder believes that lighting can impact lives, support communities, and transform spaces, cities, and the planet. The team at Schréder are experts at using light to its fullest potential to bring meaningful moments to people in public spaces. 💡

You’ll see Schréder’s projects all over the world: in parks, on stadiums, historical buildings, squares, and roads. Check out the beautiful Antwerp Central Station, one of the most prestigious squares in France, Place Vendôme, Olympic Way at the famous Wembley Stadium in London, and many more

Source: Schréder

Schréder has been at the forefront of innovation throughout its history. The company aims to provide its clients with innovative, eco-friendly, and people-centric lighting solutions, specifically for urban, industrial, and sports applications, where it prioritizes energy efficiency, well-being, and safety for people.

As Schréder’s advanced and sustainable solutions evolve quickly, the company seeks to use innovative tools in its work and reduce its ecological footprint, so FlippingBook turned out to be a perfect match. As Stéphane Halleux, integrated communication manager at Schréder, says: 

Any opportunity to get the right content in front of our audience to inspire, inform, or simply raise awareness about our offer or solution is made really easy with FlippingBook.

Schréder is in the electronic industry, working with a lot of components that are developing and changing faster than ever, so the content it shares with their sales agents has a short life cycle and can become obsolete really quickly. Moving away from printing and going digital with FlippingBook, allows the team to update the digital assets frequently and be sure to share the latest and reliable information with the customers. Not only can Schréder now reduce print drastically, but it also provides a better reading experience to its customers. 

With multimedia integration, interactivity, and responsiveness across all devices, FlippingBook allows us to create a more dynamic and user-friendly experience.

The company uses different distribution channels for the flipbooks but one of the most important ones is the website. Schréder integrated the flipbooks directly into its website using FlippingBook API to retrieve the thumbnail, the title, and description of the document.  This lets Schréder save time when publishing their catalogs on the website. And it’s easy to keep all the flipbooks always up to date! 

Whenever we would like to update an asset, we just go to the admin part of FlippingBook, do the job there, and it’s automatically updated on the website.

Plus, the digital format allows Schréder to track how its audience interacts with the content and pinpoint what the customers need to make the flipbooks even more efficient and informative. 


We’re very proud to be able to help our clients on their way to innovation and sustainability. And we have more exciting stories to tell, stay tuned! 


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