What to do if you cannot create new projects?

Product: FlippingBook Publisher

The very first step after you install FlippingBook Publisher is to create a project - either by using the ‘new project’ option or by importing a PDF. Creating a new project should not take more than a few seconds. But it is possible that FlippingBook Publisher cannot create the project and keeps showing the ‘Applying Changes...’ screen forever.

Why does this happen?

In the FlippingBook Publisher software, we show the flipbook that you are creating directly, so you can preview the result directly. To make this possible, we start a small web browser and webserver on your computer which we then use in the software. Due to some settings on your computer, it is possible that:

  1. either the browser/server cannot be started, or
  2. they are started but our software cannot talk to them.

This is why the project seems to be eternally 'applying changes'. We simply wait for a reply which never comes.

What to do about it?

Run As Administrator

If the webserver cannot be started, then that may be the result of insufficient rights on your computer. Please, try to start Publisher by right-clicking on the icon Publisher and then selecting Run as Administrator:

If the option doesn't appear at all, then it is very likely that you don't have enough rights. If you can create a new project after using the Run As Administrator option, then you could ask your IT-support staff to look at this and grant you additional rights.

Install Windows updates

FlippingBook Publisher makes extensive use of Microsoft Windows libraries. If the project keeps ‘applying changes’ forever, then the cause may be that not all updates are installed. Please, make sure that all updates are installed. Sometimes Windows cannot install all updates because of a problem in Windows itself. In this case, run the Windows Update Troubleshooter:

If you have Windows 10, then this is done as follows:

  • Press Windows + I to open the Settings app.
  • Open Update & security.
  • Under the left pane, click Troubleshoot.
  • Click on the Windows Update and Run the troubleshooter.

Check network settings

If the solutions mentioned above don’t help, then probably a network setting prevents the communication between FlippingBook Publisher and the webserver is disallowed. In this case, it is best to contact your IT support staff.

First, this can happen because your proxy server gets in the way. To check this, you can go to the Control Panel and then to Internet Options. In the Connection-tab, there is the LAN settings button.

Check if the checkbox ‘Use a proxy server for your LAN’ is checked.

  1. If it is, then make sure that the option Bypass proxy server for local addresses is enabled too. If not, please enable it. ONLY click the checkbox Bypass for... IF the proxy server is already set.
  2. If it is not, then probably your firewall blocks the communication. In this case, you will definitely need the help of your IT support staff. There are dozens of different firewalls, so there are no specific recommendations that we can give here, other than that HTTP traffic over port 13071 should be allowed.
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