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Host on your server

Host on your server



Branding and design tools for beautiful documents

24 skins
Branding and white-labeling
Powerful import
  • We have designed 24 customizable skins so you can find the perfect background for your content. Get a beautiful flipbook in a couple of clicks.

  • You can make a custom preloader with your logo, include a link to your website on the publication background, and add a special “copyright” button. And if you need white-label content, you can remove any mention of FlippingBook from your documents.

  • Create a digital publication from one or many PDFs in no time. Our software saves all the functionality of your PDFs: the links you’ve set will work in the publication, and the bookmarks will be turned into a handy table of contents.

Collaborate with your team


Using our Teamwork feature, the license manager, or superuser, can easily work with the content of their team on FlippingBook Cloud: edit publications or move them between collections or accounts.


Self-hosting - online and offline

Built-in FTP client
Uploading via a third-party application
  • Upload publications right to your server from within the software, skipping the third-party client step. FlippingBook Publisher has a handy FTP client that will save you time and the hassle of using yet another piece of software.

  • Create a folder with all the publication files that you can upload to your server or intranet using the usual FTP clients, just as you do with any other content for web.

Your document is ready for the world to see

For web

Converting your PDF to an HTML5 publication will ensure that it looks neat in any browser. There’s no need for any additional readers or third-party viewers to open your content.

For mobile

We automatically create HTML5 versions of your document for iOS and Android devices, so your publication looks good and works flawlessly on any smartphone or tablet.


Decide whether you want your content to be searchable on Google and other engines. You can drive website traffic with your document and empower your marketing strategy.

Once everything is up and running, measure results

Google Analytics integration

Very easy to set up, integration with Google Analytics will show you how your publications are performing. Track interactions with your content and learn more about your audience.

SEO meta tags

Set meta tags in your publication to help more people discover your content through Google Search and other search engines.

Google Analytics integration

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