Customer story: SSE AG

“FlippingBook is very good for magazines at exhibitions, for publishers who make book previews, and for those who want to display scanned content online, like libraries and archives.”
Daniel Scheuber
Daniel Scheuber
Owner at SSE AG
Customer story: SSE AG

How SSE AG Meets the Needs of Publishers, Archives, and Business Professionals with FlippingBook

Located in Switzerland, SSE AG provides IT solutions and services to businesses across the country. The company’s clients come from a variety of industries, including publishing, education, engineering, and others. SSE AG is a one-stop shop, offering a wide spectrum of services to their customers – from data backup and server support to web hosting and digital publishing.

Challenge and Search for Solution

Daniel Scheuber, the owner of SSE AG, always strives to provide complete solutions to his clients. So when one of his customers requested to make their catalog more accessible online in twelve different languages, Daniel started looking for a way to implement it. The publication used to be printed and then shipped across several countries, but there was no way to tell whether the catalog was being read or thrown away.

The client had to pay printing and shipping fees for twelve different versions of the catalog, so I was looking for a solution that would minimize those costs.

Daniel decided that digital publishing was the way to go, as it would fit perfectly in the list of IT solutions he already offered. The market was quite young back in 2011, and the tool had to be both technologically advanced and properly supported – Daniel needed a partner rather than a simple solution provider. He tested a few tools and managed to find software that satisfied his needs then. Several years later, it still does.

I’m happy that I found FlippingBook Publisher. It always works well and has frequent updates. FlippingBook is a state-of-the-art solution.

With FlippingBook, Daniel made the catalog available online in any browser, on any device. The product’s interface was translated into several new languages per Daniel’s request. It became easy for readers to navigate through the catalog online. His client could also publish and distribute the catalog more often than once or twice a year as they had done with the printed version.

The client can now send the catalog to sub-distributors who sell it worldwide. After this, the company posts the publication in every language on their homepage, and they can update the catalog every quarter.

Seeing that the solution satisfied both the client and their readers, Daniel decided to expand the use of FlippingBook further and offer digitizing services to his other customers as well.


Interactive online documents became a popular service at SSE AG. Daniel could host the publications on his own or his clients’ servers, so the content was secure online. He received digital publishing requests from customers across various industries. Each client could get a customized publication to fit their needs and company style.

My clients have different requirements, and with FlippingBook I can help everyone. The books I create are never the same – they have unique backgrounds and logos. For example, I made a presentation for a robotics company, and there’s a robot in the background.

The ability to embed digital publications on website pages made the new service a hit among publishers. Daniel created book previews, or look-insides, to be published on the clients’ websites. That way, a reader could get a taste of any book and then purchase the ones they loved.

It’s great that I can include a link in the top right corner of any book preview. The link leads to the shop where readers can buy the whole book. I also integrated a control mechanism into each ebook’s code, so publishers can track purchases. It’s a custom extension to FlippingBook.

Business professionals also found interest in the digitizing services Daniel had to offer. Presentations, online magazines, brochures – Daniel published it all for his clients using FlippingBook. The clients could then take the documents to meetings and trade shows and open them on any device in a browser.

Once created, the publications are available for reading anywhere. I call them digital ebooks for every mobile device and computer. My clients can pull them up easily at exhibitions and during presentations. The experience is very simple and clear.

When it came to exhibitions, last minute content changes were inevitable. Luckily, all Daniel had to do was make necessary edits in the PDF and reupload the document to FlippingBook.

The ease and efficiency of content updates saved the day for the epaper that one of my clients used at an exhibition in Switzerland.


From the start, Daniel has seen a lot of potential in FlippingBook for his company. He is a problem-solver, so he has a wide range of loyal customers. Often, when his customers come to him with new requests, he finds new ways to utilize FlippingBook. Thus, when a client needed help with presenting their rare 1956 book online, Daniel quickly came up with a solution.

The client scanned the pages and made a single PDF. I then uploaded it to FlippingBook with a nice background and an interactive table of contents. I was happy to solve the problem for them.

Daniel hopes to accommodate scanning needs of his clients even better in the future. He wants to integrate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in the PDF to FlippingBook conversion process. Then readers will be able to search through the scanned content easily using FlippingBook’s built-in tool.

Let’s say, a client has an archive of old journals from 30 years ago – we can scan it and use OCR to change pictures to text. Then, I can upload it to FlippingBook and get a lovely digital library collection that’s comfortable to view and search through.

With FlippingBook Publisher, Daniel works on all kinds of digitization projects. Whether it’s a publisher in need of an interactive book preview, a library looking to preserve scanned content and create a digital archive, or an entrepreneur who wants to digitize their magazine for a trade show – Daniel is there to help.

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