Customer story: Lampa S.p.A.

“Salespal is very intuitive, so I had no difficulty in setting up the application for the sales agents at Lampa.”
Stefano Madesani
Graphic Designer at Lampa
Customer story: Lampa S.p.A.

How Lampa S.p.A. Enhances Creation and Distribution of Their Product Catalogs with Salespal

Lampa S.p.A. (Lampa) is an Italian company and industry leader in production and design of automotive aftermarket accessories for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, including mobile phone connectivity for such vehicles. The company offers a wide selection of products, carefully developed and improved according to the latest industry trends. Constant research and anticipation of customer wants and needs have been key to Lampa’s continuous growth in the market.

Challenge and Search for Solution

In business for over sixty years, Lampa has always been on top of technological advancements. Every aspect of the business goes hand in hand with innovations – from production of goods to their distribution. Since Lampa’s sales agents actively engage clients with product catalogs and commercial proposals, the company wanted to enhance their communication channels.

Lampa used to provide all of their materials in print, but the problem with physical copies was the pain of updating them. Every time new articles were available and the old ones became obsolete Lampa had to reprint large volumes of their catalogs and proposals. Eventually, Stefano Madesani, Graphic Designer at Lampa, decided to look for alternatives to printing:

I realized we needed to convert our paper materials into digital documents and eliminate all the difficulties of updates as well.

Stefano had a vision for the tool that Lampa needed. It had to be a portable solution that the company’s salespeople would take with them to meetings. Sometimes, Lampa’s agents met with clients in remote areas with poor Internet connection, so the tool had to give instant access to their documents both off- and online.

Over a hundred of our sales agents regularly go out to meetings and have to find relevant catalogs quickly to show to clients. That’s why a convenient file management system was important, too.

Lampa researched the digital publishing market and realized that a mobile app would accommodate their needs perfectly. The company’s documents would be stored in-app on mobile devices and could be pulled up easily during a conversation with a client in any location.


After a few tests and trials, Lampa decided that Salespal was the best fit for them. The app was compatible with both iOS and Android devices and was easy to navigate. The company's sales agents could store hundreds of catalogs, proposals, and other materials on their devices and find the one they needed within seconds using a built-in search tool.

According to Stefano, adopting the app and integrating it into Lampa’s workflows was fast and easy. The Salespal support team always came to the company’s aid and held a demo presentation of the app even before the purchase. That helped Stefano understand how the tool worked and later conduct effective trainings for the sales agents at Lampa.

The Salespal demo was very impressive, and any requirements we had were met efficiently. I appreciated that approach, since I know the difficulties that come with creating and managing apps in our complicated world of gadgets.

With Salespal, Lampa’s agents no longer had to carry multiple paper copies of their documents to meetings. Every catalog and proposal were available at a click in the app and could be easily shared with clients via email, too. They could then access the documents via direct links, without having to download anything.

Every month, hundreds of agents use the app and thousands of clients access Lampa’s documents online. Despite that, managing Salespal is straightforward. Every agent has their own account within the app, so they can tailor content to their specific clients. Relevant catalogs and proposals can be distributed among the agents by target groups, so every user always has up-to-date content on their hands.

The app is customized to each individual agent with their email for personal communications with clients.


Weaving Salespal into their publishing and sales processes has allowed Lampa to improve communication with their clients and produce fewer paper copies. The information the clients see is always the most relevant, because no matter how many updates a document goes through, the link to it remains the same.

What’s great is that our agents always have updated materials on hand and can easily refer to them even without Internet connection.

Today, Lampa’s agents actively use Salespal when communicating with over 5,000 customers, and the company is looking to expand the use of the app soon. Salespal gives Lampa’s documents a much needed digital boost and pinpoints the company’s continual pursuit of innovations.

Salespal is a strategic app that allows us to stand out among our competitors. Any company that produces important product catalogs and has frequent document updates would benefit from Salespal, too.

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