Customer story: Atyaasaa Consulting

“FlippingBook is an intellectually protected platform that provides analytics.”
Niket Karajagi
Niket Karajagi
Founder of Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
Customer story: Atyaasaa Consulting

How Atyaasaa Consulting Protects their Intellectual Property with FlippingBook

Founded in 1999 by Niket Karajagi, a business psychologist and coach, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. (Atyaasaa) promotes human and organizational excellence. The company offers training, coaching, and consulting to various professionals across the globe. Its courses, webinars, and workshops satisfy corporate needs through innovation and creativity as well as improve the participants’ skills and competences.


With as many materials as Atyaasaa was creating, it was inevitable that the company would face the problem of storing them online. Hundreds of PDFs, including curricula, newsletters, playbooks, and other documents, were all displayed on the company website, which affected its bandwidth capacity. Clearly, attachments were no longer an option.

Each Atyaasaa publication included intellectual property. Over 25,000 hours of coaching and consulting experience allowed Niket to create unique professional content for the benefit of his clients. Every course and webinar was developed in-house, so that only Atyaasaa clients and employees could access them.

Naturally, Nicket needed to protect his sensitive content from unwanted viewers. Simple PDFs could be downloaded by anyone, so the company started looking for a secure tool that could keep their intellectual property safe and also solve the bandwidth issue.

We have various publications on analytics, our own discoveries, and inventions. Various strategic leaders are consuming these publications. We don’t outsource anything. We produce intellectual property, and we want to control it.

Search for Solution

Technology- and design-driven, Niket wanted to find a tool that would address the challenges and make his publications look good. He decided to research the digital publishing market to see which solution would be worth investing into.

First, I come from a technology background, so I’m heavily investing into technology for my organization. Second, I wanted to give a good look and feel to all the publications.

A lot of the tools out there weren’t ideal for storing intellectual property, because they сould’ve made it vulnerable. Atyaasaa materials could’ve been easily discovered in search engines and then copied by competitors. Protecting the company’s sensitive information was vital.

We went into the market and saw that intellectual properties were kinda going viral, and it was compromising them. We felt that we wanted something to protect our intellectual property, though we would have loved for it to go viral.


Atyaasaa discovered that sharing links to their documents was just what they needed. FlippingBook allowed them to embed those links on their website and, thus, reduce the bandwidth consumption. They also emailed the links to their clients and shared them on social media. And to protect their documents from unwanted viewing, they disabled SEO indexing as well as Share, Print and Download buttons.

FlippingBook was the best software to go for, because it provides links, and our links have gone viral now. However, viewers cannot download any of our publications. We have restricted all the downloads. And also, since we’re not adding any attachments anymore, my consumption of bandwidth is now optimized.

With FlippingBook, Atyaasaa wasn’t limited by the number or size of digital documents. They could now convert all of their original consulting and coaching materials into online publications with a professional look and feel. Unlike PDFs or Kindle publications, they were interactive, too. Plus, the documents could be easily accessed in any way their clients preferred, be it on desktops, smartphones, or tablets.

Conversion of PDFs into hardbound books for me is fantastic. The moment it comes on the screen, it gives you an effect like you’re actually reading a book. I’m kind of fascinated with that. On Kindle you’re just sort of scrolling down the screen, which is very boring. And FlippingBook gives you a live experience.

An additional bonus was Advanced Analytics, built into the software. That, combined with their own analytical tools, allowed Atyaasaa to see who was accessing their publications and how. They could analyze the data, see what trends the market was into, and predict who their new customers could be.

All the analytical tools that we’re using give me insight on what other different topics the market would want to consume. Then I can deliver projects on those topics. So we have live insight, and that insight is converted into publications.


Today, Atyaasaa reaches an international audience with their online publications. They combine linked documents on their website with video content, which allows them to communicate with more people, since some prefer videos to text.

Some people enjoy videos, some people enjoy reading. We wanna give two different experiences. Any publication is available for reading, and a synopsis of that publication is available as a video.

Constantly expanding, the company is about to launch a new e-learning platform with leadership development courses called AtyaasaaOnline. Business professionals worldwide will be studying those courses in different formats: videos, blog posts, and online publications linked to the FlippingBook Cloud.

We are bringing in the best technologies to provide a great learning experience and revolutionize it. We expect 1000 professionals per month to take these courses in India alone, and we will grow exponentially.

Niket also offers webinars on the second Thursday of every month. 200-300 people participate every time and are later provided with links to a digital summary of what was said during the webinar.

We give the participants links to our FlippingBook with whatever we presented on the webinar. So there’s a huge circulation of links that happens through the medium.

Atyaasaa stores over 220 online documents with FlippingBook and is planning to upload thousands more, because they’ve recently developed brand new coaching and consulting materials. Among their publications are commercial proposals that they send out to their clients. Polished and interactive, these proposals help Atyaasaa stand out and give them a competitive edge.

We don’t distribute commercial proposals as PDFs, and people actually enjoy that kind of professionalism. Plus, most of other coaches create commercial attachments in PDFs, and we don’t, so people look at us differently. I enjoy working with your software mainly because it gives me a competitive advantage.

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