FlippingBook Major Update: Introducing Vector Text

Earlier this year we set a goal of making your publications easier and more convenient to read. And we really went for it. Because when you make your PDFs, you want them not only to look great but also to give your clients a comfortable reading experience and drive engagement with your content.

So today we're excited to introduce vector text in our products. From now on, whether you use FlippingBook Online or FlippingBook Publisher, you will be creating high-quality HTML5 publications with clear vector text. What does this mean for you? Let's find out!

First of all, watch our video to see what's changed (watch it in high quality to see how the text quality improves).


Crystal Clear Text Quality

The text quality of publications has been significantly improved. Now when you read a publication, you will see crystal-clear text quality on any screen—from a smartphone to a 4K display. The text looks crisp and clear on any high-pixel density or retina display. That's why you can now read any text without even zooming in.

To make this possible, we've done tons of work to upgrade the technology behind the creation of publications in both products. We are now using vector graphics for text. And the greatest advantage of vector text is that it can be scaled to whatever size you want without losing quality. You can be sure that your readers will enjoy reading your publications on any device or screen.

Vector text comparison


Please note: All the new documents you make with FlippingBook Online and FlippingBook Publisher will be created with vector text. If you want your old publications to have vector texts, you can easily update them if you use FlippingBook Online or reconvert them if you use FlippingBook Publisher.

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