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FlippingBook Online

FlippingBook Online allows you to turn your PDFs into interactive HTML5 publications with a realistic page-flip effect. It is a powerful yet easy-to-use web-based service. FlippingBook Online is platform-independent and provides a reliable cloud hosting for your documents.

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FlippingBook Publisher

With FlippingBook Publisher, you can convert PDFs to HTML5 flipbooks. FlippingBook Publisher is a desktop software for Windows. It gives you a lot of flexibility in how your documents look and how they can be used. You can host your publications on your servers or on the cloud or create offline publications.

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FlippingBook Automation

FlippingBook Automation can automate the conversion of your PDFs into interactive HTML5 publications! This powerful tool can be indispensable if you have a huge number of PDFs and can save you hours of manual work. Just drop all PDFs in a folder, and FlippingBook Automation turns them into flipbooks.

To learn more, visit the FlippingBook Server page and request a demo!



Salespal is a mobile platform for sales teams and dealers. Download your sales collateral directly onto your mobile device so you can show your publications to anyone - even if you don't have an internet connection!

To learn more, visit the Salespal page and see what it can do for your team!

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