Brand-New Canva Flipbooks: Bring Your Canva Designs Straight into FlippingBook

FlippingBook and Canva Integration

At FlippingBook, we love making beautiful, engaging flipbooks that give you and your readers the ultimate reading experience. Our users often create their designs in Canva, so to enhance their content creation process, we’ve decided to launch an all-new integration with Canva. Plus, this integration can be very helpful for those who don’t have a ready PDF yet. You get the best of Canva’s design features and FlippingBook’s interactive features right away!   

Thanks to our integration with Canva, one of the most famous web design apps for creating content quickly and effortlessly, you can seamlessly proceed from creating a PDF to making and customizing your flipbook. No need to look for third-party PDF makers. We believe that FlippingBook and Canva complement each other perfectly: you create a Canva design from scratch using convenient templates, adding graphs and photos, choosing the right font, etc. And then publish your design to FlippingBook right from your Canva account without going anywhere. Next, you can customize your flipbook by adding videos, GIFs, pop-up images, links, and get a ready flipbook to share with the world.


Canva Flipbook Templates

💡Did you know that we designed five stunning Canva templates, especially for you? There are catalog, magazine, brochure, newsletter, and digital flipbook templates. Feel free to use them for your designs as well!

To give you an example, we’ve taken a free template from Canva, didn’t change anything in its design, and simply published it to FlippingBook. Then we’ve enhanced the flipbook, adding interactive features and making it more eye-catching. Flip through the pages and see for yourself! 

Marketing Business Proposal 2023

So, how does the integration really work? Let’s see.


How to Publish a Design from Canva to FlippingBook Online

1. Sign in to your Canva account or choose from the options to sign up with Facebook, Google, or your email. If you decide to use your email, simply fill out the form with the necessary details. Plus, you can just use a free plan, if you don’t have a Canva account yet.
2. Create your design in Canva by clicking Create a Design. Select a design suitable for your needs, e.g. a report, brochure, etc., or import a ready file.

3. Customize your design. And once it’s ready, you can share it with your audience via Flippingbook by clicking Share.
4. In the dropdown menu, choose the option More and search for FlippingBook among the available tools.

You can also find FlippingBook in Canva’s app directory From there, you can go ahead and create your design. 

5. Once you find FlippingBook among the suggested tools, click to Use it. 

6. Then Connect FlippingBook and your Canva account.
7. You’ll see a pop-up where you can either log into your existing FlippingBook account or sign up for a free 14-day trial.
8. Once you’ve logged in or signed up for FlippingBook, select the number of pages you want to publish in FlippingBook, and press Save. By default, Canva offers you to export the first 10 pages, but you can choose to export all the pages. The export limit for a Canva project is 50 MB, so if your project is too big, you can simply save it as PDF and then upload it to FlippingBook.

9. To continue working on your new flipbook in FlippingBook, proceed to your account directly from the dialog window stating that your design has been saved. At this point, your design will be in the process of converting into a flipbook. That’s why you won’t get the direct link to your flipbook yet, but will be taken to your FlipingBook account instead.

10. Now you can enhance your fresh Canva flipbook in your FlippingBook account. Here’s what you can do:

Customize and brand it: choose background and color palette, add your logo, and favicon. This way, your flipbook will match your company style and become your brand ambassador.


  • Add interactivity: add videos, images, GIFs, and external links. Your flipbook will be much more engaging and full of valuable knowledge.
  • Enable a lead capture form: collect leads right within your digital flipbook. The form is totally customizable, so you can add any fields like email, name, phone, country, etc. to start qualifying leads.
  • Share your flipbook: send it as a link via email, post on social media or to your website, or generate a QR code. All media channels will be open for your content distribution. To get a link to your flipbook or share it on social media, open your online account, hover over a publication you want to share, and click Share.

      For easy embedding, open the Embed window and copy the embed  code. 

  • Protect the document: customize sharing, printing, and downloading settings for your flipbook or even set password protection. This way, you can be certain that your content is protected from unwanted sharing.


Further Changes to Your Flipbook Design

If you want to change your Canva flipbook design, you can do it in Canva and then republish your design to FlippingBook. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Canva and choose the design you want to edit.
  2. Make all the necessary changes to the design of your Canva flipbook. 
  3. Click Share in the top panel, select More in the drop-down menu, find FlippingBook, and send your template to FlippingBook. Just as you did the first time when publishing your flipbook. 
  4. Go to your FlippingBook account or open the flipbook link and check that the flipbook is updated. That’s it! If you’ve created several flipbooks from one Canva template, your latest flipbook will be updated. 

Please note: if you change the number of pages in your Canva flipbook and then republish it to FlippingBook, the custom content you’ve added in the Editor (videos, outbound links, images, or GIFs) can end up on the wrong page or disappear. You can contact our support team, who’ll help you shift the custom content in the whole flipbook at once.

That’s it! Go ahead and try designing your PDF in Canva and then creating a flipbook in FlippingBook. We hope that your content creation process will become much easier and faster. Good luck!

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