Changing a flipbook to a different domain

When you change your flipbooks from one domain to another, there are basically 3 different situations. These situations have different implications. In this article, we will describe the finer points. 

  1. You just set up a custom domain
    In this case, the links for your flipbooks will automatically change from to  We will also set up a redirect on our end. That means that people with whom you already shared the 'old' links to your flipbooks will not be confronted with dead links. They will simply see redirected to your new link.

  2. You assign a flipbook to a different custom domain
    In this case, the link(s) will change from to Unfortunately, we can't set up a redirect in such cases. This means that people with whom you have already shared a link will get a '404-file not found' error. If you used the old link on your website (either a direct link, or you have embedded the flipbook), then you will need to update the code. 
    Of course, if you have not shared the flipbook yet, you can change the domain without any problem. 

  3. You assign a flipbook from one of your custom domains to our default domain
    In this case, the link will change from to This is the rarest situation but also the most troublesome. We advise you only to do this for newly created flipbooks, which you have never shared before. If you have shared this flipbook before, then please consult with our support first!


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