Email Marketing Tools in Review: 8 Best Tools to Choose in 2024

Email Marketing Tools

Gone are the days when all you wanted from an email marketing tool was to deliver a bunch of newsletters and product updates to your subscribers’ inboxes once a week. And though email is still an essential component of any digital marketing strategy, it has grown and evolved into a whole ecosystem of email marketing automations, channels, sales funnels, and drip campaigns. 

This change has been inevitable and it brought a lot of good, as email marketing today is smarter and more effective than ever. However, it’s much more complicated, too, and a lot of success depends not only on the skills but on the right tool.

Today we’ll discuss the best email marketing software out there and help you find the right fit for your marketing goals. 


#1 MailerLite

Best for: small and medium businesses

MailerLite is the right choice for you if you are looking for a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool with a focus on email. It has one of the best and most intuitive drag and drop email editors with lots of helpful blocks and a wide selection of templates to choose from. And the way it lets you set up automations is impressive too: you can create complex workflows with lots of actions and conditions. Yet thanks to the clear design, it’s easy to navigate around the workflows and tweak something when needed. 

Key features

  • Easy and powerful drag-and-drop email editor
  • List segmentation and tagging
  • Automation workflows
  • Pop-up and embedded subscribe forms
  • Website builder
  • Interactive survey forms

Compared with other solutions, MailerLite doesn’t offer that many features, but this feels more like an advantage. Additional services, such as live chats, social media marketing, and digital ads, increase the cost and the learning curve when you may not necessarily want them. MailerLite equips you exactly with the tools you need for executing effective campaigns and offers an extensive list of integrations for the rest.

MailerLite will be a great fit for businesses looking to send bulk campaigns paired with classic automation workflows. And thanks to its simplicity, even a novice marketer will be able to get it up and running in no time.


#2 ConvertKit

Best for: creators and entrepreneurs

With a strong focus on creative professionals (think bloggers, teachers, designers), ConvertKit offers a set of great tools to handle marketing and sales communications. In addition to the essentials, it lets you send out personalized content with smart tagging and sell digital products with no integrations.

Key features

  • Email and landing pages designer
  • GDPR compliant sign-up forms
  • Automated email funnels
  • Integrated payment processing

As the ConvertKit’s target audience is primarily individuals and small businesses looking for ways to promote and sell their craft products, it does a marvelous job to guide them through an ever-changing and challenging world of marketing. Their educational center is impressive, with lots of helpful tips, articles, and courses to make sure their customers succeed. 

Advanced features include subscriber scoring and a sync with Facebook ads for even more efficient marketing.

ConvertKit is a perfect fit for creators with marketing needs. In addition to a powerful email marketing platform, they build a strong, friendly community, which is an undeniable perk.


#3 Sendinblue

Best for: growing businesses

Sendinblue is a great platform for growing businesses because its set of features makes it scalable. You can start small with email campaigns and landing pages, and when the time is right, utilize more advanced tools—automation workflows, CRM, SMS marketing, and live chat. 

What is even greater is that less essential features are presented as ‘apps’ which you add to your dashboard when you need them. This helps to avoid clutter in the account and tailor the service to each customer’s specific needs.

Key features 

  • Easy-to-use email builder
  • Live chat
  • Sign-up forms
  • CRM
  • Transactional emails
  • Shared inbox to keep all email communications between your team and clients in one place

While densely packed with features, Sendinblue is intuitive and not confusing at all. Plus it offers 24/7 live chat support, which makes the adoption process simple and smooth. 

Pricing is cheaper than average, with $25/month for up to 10,000 emails

Sendinblue strives to keep marketing and sales communications as simple as possible. The platform is flexible and adaptable, so it’s a great fit for businesses of any size.


#4 GetResponse

Best for: enterprises

GetResponse is a powerful all-in-one marketing platform. It offers everything from lead generation to sales communications, plus a number of more sophisticated tools. For instance, you can host webinars, add web push notifications, and build entire websites with its help.

Key features

  • Advanced segmentation and tagging
  • Pre-built sales funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Paid ads
  • Live chat

GetResponse gathers all your marketing activities and sales communications in one place to simplify the management process. It keeps track of everything: bulk and drip campaigns, Facebook and Instagram ads, payments, e-product delivery. Plus, it offers email analytics, website and event tracking. All this makes GetResponse a great tool for reaching out to a customer at any stage of their journey.

GetResponse doesn’t have a free plan, but there’s a 30-day trial and four paid plans to choose from. 

Setting up an account with GetResponse is easy, but it will take time and careful studying of the knowledge base to get the hang of it. However, businesses looking for a full marketing suite will appreciate the platform’s potential.


#5 EmailOctopus

Best for: companies looking strictly for email marketing tools

EmailOctopus is the easiest and one of the most affordable options, as it focuses strongly on the email marketing and charges as low as $20 per month. It makes the most of the essential features, such as email design, autoresponders, segmentation, and tracking. This is a great option for businesses that aren’t willing to pay for complicated enterprise-level solutions.

Key features

  • Powerful email-builder
  • Segmentation and list management
  • Autoresponders
  • Reporting
  • Integrations

With only an essential feature pack, EmailOctopus puts forward pricing and support. The team is available via chat and email 24/5 with limited availability on weekends. 

EmailOctopus may not be the right choice for companies with more complex tasks at hand, but it’s a great option for those who want a functional, reliable, and cheap tool.


#6 Salesmate

Best for: small and medium-sized businesses

Salesmate is an advanced CRM and automation platform that allows marketing, sales, and service teams to send highly personalized email campaigns to the right audience at the right time and close more deals.

Key Features:

  • Drag and Drop email builder
  • List and Segmentation
  • Target campaigns based on user actions and behavior
  • Personalize the emails
  • Put your follow-ups on autopilot
  • Manage list using tags and automation

With Salesmate, you not only get email marketing capabilities, but you can reach out to your prospects and customers using other communication channels like calls and texts. You can automatically send emails, text, and schedule calls to generate more leads and grow your pipeline. Whatever you require to generate more leads, nurture them and close effectively is built-in Salesmate. 


#7 SendX

Being an email marketer, and a responsible one at that, is quite a task, but SendX makes it a lot easier for you with their assistance and services. They help you build a legitimate subscriber base via email marketing and make it very easy and effortless to send the right emails to the right audience at the right time.

Key Features:   

  • Bulk import your contacts
  • Drag-and-Drop to automate tasks
  • Build optimized landing page and pop-ups
  • Track along the way with powerful analytics 
  • Stay organized with tagging and segmentation 

With this tool, you can improve your email deliverability and engagement by being able to create attractive and engaging emails that can be shared efficiently even through the most complex marketing systems. Furthermore, you can also personalize and improve your emails with features and options like postmark spam check, digital signatures, resending to non-openers, delivering at the recipient's time zone, etc. Email security also affects the email deliverability rate. You can check your email security compliance with the free email header analyzer tool.


#8 GetProspect

Best for: companies looking for prospecting tools

GetProspect email finder is a powerful prospecting tool that allows you to search for email addresses on LinkedIn. This powerful tool is useful for marketers, salespeople, and anyone who cares about lead generation.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy
  • Bulk email search
  • Search for email addresses by company URL
  • Built-in CRM system

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, as well as convenient and powerful features, GetProspect makes the process of finding addresses on LinkedIn fast and hassle-free. You can start working with GetProspect in a few clicks by simply installing the extension in your browser and registering.


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