FlippingBook Publisher Release: Enhanced SEO, Convenient Work with Videos, and More

It’s no secret that we love creating enticing publications and sharing them with the world. And we always try our best to help you enrich your content and build your brand awareness in the most efficient way.

So today we’re super excited to share all the updates and features we’ve added to our new release, FlippingBook Publisher 2022.1.

Download it right away or read on to learn more.



Enhanced SEO Optimization

We’ve empowered the way SEO works in your FlippingBook publications. Now our smart system automatically creates unique and relevant titles and descriptions by pulling up information from each page. What’s more, if you enable the ‘Searchable on Google’ option, Google crawlers can find and index your publications deep and fast, thus giving your content a great SEO boost. Once you publish your content, FlippingBook’s built-in SEO tool will get it indexed and help it rank high in search results.

Check out a video on how our SEO promotion tool can boost your publications to appear high in search engines.


Convenient Work with Videos

Now it takes only a few clicks to create an interactive publication with videos from a PDF. If your PDF contains an area with a link to YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia videos, you can simply import the PDF, and all such links will be automatically extracted and displayed as full videos in your publication (not available in the Basic edition of FlippingBook Publisher).

It has also become easier to add videos in the Content Editor: they can be added not only as a link but also as an embed code. Just copy the code and press Ctrl+V.


And More...

If you need to contact our support team, now you can simply open the Help menu in FlippingBook Publisher and get redirected to the contact support form on our website.

Plus, in this release, we’ve added hotkeys for opening the embed and the QR code windows (Ctrl+E and Ctrl+Q respectively). Fast and easy!


See the New Features in Action

Go ahead and download our newest FlippingBook Publisher 2022.1 version. Check out the full list of new features and fixes in the release notes


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