How a Publishing Company Saves Thousands of Dollars in Printing Costs with FlippingBook

We save a ton of money and time by using FlippingBook
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Industry: Publishing

Product used: FlippingBook Online


Our client is a publishing Company that specializes in creating custom magazines for various market suppliers of addiction recovery, such as addiction treatment centers and medical treatment providers. As of now, the company collaborates with close to 10,000 treatment facilities in the USA. Via custom magazines the Company helps their clients to keep people aware of the support and professional care opportunities available to them. 



Before FlippingBook, the Company used to send hard copies of custom publications to their clients for evaluation. Since magazines were going to be printed, it seemed only natural for the Company that evaluation copies should be provided in print as well.

But because the Company tailored each magazine to each client’s specific needs, there was invariably a lot of tweaking involved. Often it took more than one round of edits for a publication to be finalized. Each round meant spending more money on printing and shipping costs. 

The process of sending printed copies to our clients for approval was expensive and time-consuming.

What the Company needed was a cost-cutting tool to deliver evaluation copies fast to their clients and then update the documents easily according to the edits they requested.


Search for Solution

When the question of finding a digital solution arose, the Company didn’t have to look far. One of the designers was already familiar with FlippingBook and thought it would work great for their business. 

I used Issuu with limited success. I much preferred FlippingBook to it.


FlippingBook allowed the Company to create digital copies of their custom magazines and send them for evaluation as many times as was needed at no extra cost. With the hyperrealistic flipbook format, the Company could easily demonstrate the layout of any future publication. They’d email a direct link to a magazine and a client would go through it page by page. If edits were required, the designers could update the document while the link to it stayed the same.

The ease of uploading new versions while keeping the same link is integral to our design process. FlippingBook is immensely helpful to us.


With FlippingBook at hand, the Company can create more magazines for more treatment facilities—they’ve been producing around 10 publications every day for six years. The only time they use their in-house printer now is to print out the final copies—all the evaluation process has gone online. This has helped the Company to save a lot on printing and shipping costs as well as on man-hours.  

I'm not sure about how much money we have saved since we started using FlippingBook, but it must be well into thousands.

There is a lot of additional costs involved in printing. It can cost you as much as 60 cents to print one page heavy with graphics and photos in color on a standard laser printer at home. Maybe it’s time to go online?

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