FlippingBook Publisher Release: Empowered Technology and Improved Ease-of-Use

At FlippingBook, we’re constantly working on enhancing the state-of-the-art technology behind FlippingBook Publisher and on making it even more comfortable and efficient for you to create publications.

Today we’re happy to introduce our fresh FlippingBook Publisher 2021.3 release with an enhanced user experience. Let’s take a look at what the new features can help you do.


Upload PDFs with multiple objects and layers

In the 2021.3 release, we’ve upgraded our tech stack so now you can create publications even from very complex PDFs that contain a big number of different objects and layers. No matter how complex and multilayered your PDF is, it will be easily converted into a great-looking publication.  


Set a custom folder for the publications you self-host or store offline

Now you can set a custom folder for the offline publications or the ones you save to the local folder. This way, all your future publications will be saved in the folder of your choice by default. Fast and easy!


Add blank pages to your publication via a new Page Browser command

Adding blank pages to your publication in the Page Browser has become more convenient. The pages will be of the same size as the cover, plus, you’ll be able to choose their color.  Here’s what you can do with blank pages:

  • Add more blank pages to ensure the order is correct and realistic, just like in a printed book.
  • Want to create a gorgeous hardcover? Simply add one new page, customize it, and voila—your publication has an absolutely new look. Don’t be afraid to be creative, it’s totally worth it.


Work with the FlippingBook Cloud Manager in a more intuitive way

It has become more convenient to select multiple publications holding the Shift button in the FlippingBook Cloud Manager. Plus, you can change the Issue Date for several publications at the same time.  

What’s more, the publication editing window in the FlippingBook Cloud Manager got a new neat design.


Go ahead and download our newest FlippingBook Publisher 2021.3 version. Check out the full list of new features and fixes in the release notes


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